• “SOCIAL HISTORIANS MAY REGARD 2020 AS THE START OF A NEW AGE… when the rhythm of life was disrupted, and the barrier between home and working life (a useful way of relieving stress) disappeared.” For service industry workers, broadband allows document downloads and relatively efficient interface through videoconferencing. But remote work limitations include lack of spontaneity, comradery, creativity, and arguable degree of effectiveness. The upside tradeoffs for employees include salvation from commuting costs – crowded public transport, traffic jams, substantial wasted hours, emotional stress, and that the Pandemic has “made remote work seem both normal and acceptable. In the past, employees who stayed home had to overcome the suspicion that they were sluffing off; now those who insist on being at the office sound self-important.” The jury is still out on productivity impact, but “working life has entered a new era.” [ECONOMIST – 5/30/20]
  • PUBLIC BATHROOMS ARE A BIG OBSTACLE TO REOPENING AMERICA. Beyond virus germs on doors, faucets & electric dryers, the stalls are usually “a tight, intimate, and potentially germ-infested space, where Covid virus can survive in victims’ fecal matter for a month after recovery, and a high pressure flush of an uncovered toilet can send a plume of potentially germ-laden water droplets six feet in all directions, including up and over the wall of a stall.” [THE WEEK – 6/5/20]
  • “WHEN AN UPLANNED-FOR-RISK EMERGES (like the pandemic), it typically triggers other risks,” and smart entrepreneurs & managers recognize the importance of having Advisors who “possess the experience, confidence, savvy and well-honed governance skills to help usher their company through catastrophe,” including finance/ human resources/ cybersecurity/ negotiation/ mediation and, most important, strategic planning & protection. DCG have decades of expertise in helping clients optimize productivity, profitability and stability; call us before your reality check bounces. [CORPORATE BOARD MEMBER – 5/29/20]
  • POST COVID PARTYING MAY BE FACILITATED BY MICROSHELL – a full body suit which allows safe socializing by wearing a hazmat-inspired outfit allowing the wearer to “dance, drink and even vape at concerts & clubs… with filtered air and high-quality speakers, battery-powered and controlled by their smartphone.” The outfit is worn over regular clothing, allows restroom visits without removal, magnetically snaps drinks on consumed through inside straws, allows wireless privacy communication, with a camera to ensure peripheral vision, and was designed in Los Angeles. [BUSINESS INSIDER – 5/8/20]
  • THE ANTIFA & ANARCHIST MOBS WHO ORCHESTRATED SMASHING OF STORES AND LOOTING in Minneapolis and around the country “are not interested in fairness. They are thrilled by carnage… It should go without saying that, in a civilized society, rioting is unacceptable. Ransacking stores and setting fire to buildings is wrong. Beating up ladies in wheelchairs is not a legitimate expression of grievance. These truths ought to be self-evident, but somehow, for large sections of the armchair experts, they are not… Their apologists in the media who insist on calling rioters ‘protesters,’ as if looting serves some noble cause, know the script by heart: idiot worthies get a kick out of inciting violence while pretending to appeal for Justice…while celebrities put out videos about overcoming ‘racist oppression’… It’s a sign of how decadent our society is becoming that the pattern of these riots is now so predictable as to be almost boring.” [SPECTATOR USA – 5/29/20]
  • THOUGHTS FOR THE WEEK: Unbiased perspective on the riots https://www.icloud.com/attachment/?u=https%3A%2F%2Fcvws.icloud-content.com%2FB%2FAUFu7icUfXczw-rQ4JZu4VMjFYYrAYTzLEwLcX678oJYYu3irBED-dcE%2F%24%7Bf%7D%3Fo%3DApMejpIjTkz94smPuBPjmg6rOiES_iH3rhoFx30miRS4%26v%3D1%26x%3D3%26a%3DCAogxfjnW24V_JSsOUH1RG3wxaDymdwBrvwlrZps0kc9IJoSdxCO7qndpi4Yjv6ksbAuIgEAKggByAD_SCjHh1IEIxWGK1oEA_nXBGomUWCuWfKGvdDWoL3gzkSg2D3_ljMgSWj3D2mQ2R7lTHVGuhIwRoByJpDWMI0frS4JAK_w2TV7Z9dRqDk4grxyOIMD8JULOJEtfKIrIgXg%26e%3D1593536233%26fl%3D%26r%3D29DEF8DF-60A8-4AEC-A627-1CBE0EB03491-1%26k%3D%24%7Buk%7D%26ckc%3Dcom.apple.largeattachment%26ckz%3D4AB3A985-E6F1-42FB-BDF9-32F2C6BA933C%26p%3D14%26s%3DiqdcUOcaShNDWjorKE0J-27v_Os&uk=6T1MOV87Er5RS9Q6OzeFHw&f=b5a12b62-132f-4c57-aa3e-ce3dcd7a57d2.MP4&sz=29378772

       “The world is always ending somewhere. It just depends on whether it falls in your line of vision.”

         With global call centers closed, Americans only received close to 3 billion robocalls in April, down from 4.8 billion in February.