• THE EVOLVING POST-PANDEMIC ‘NEXT NORMAL’ SHOULD BEGIN WITH ORGANIZATIONS TACKLING TWO OVERRIDING FACTORS: (1) Anticipating and planning to deal with “tension from the divide between execs managers who easily adapted to working from home and to flexible, ill-defined processes & ways of working (which they see as being effective and wave of the future), versus many employees in the trenches who think it’s the worst thing to happen to them (even those used to working remotely)”; and (2) Best ascertaining what the yet-to-drop issues may be, and developing strategy to handle if/when they may. “The point isn’t to have a better answer, it’s to build capability to pivot faster than competition, and resilience comes through speed… Striking the right balance between hope for the future and the realism that organizations must consider” is perhaps the most critical factor in moving forward effectively.” [McKINSEY – 6/2/20]
  • CYBERSECURITY’S GREATEST INSIDER THREAT IS IN THE C-SUITE, as criminals continue to “successfully impersonate execs, with emails asking for wire transfers, privileged access account resets, credit card requests, and more.” A U.S./European study in Q1 found three-quarters of CEOs “frustrated about IT restrictions – especially on cellphones – admitting to bypassing security protocols to get something done faster, nearly 60% claiming security is too complex to understand, 40% believing it’s low priority for them, and most seeing themselves as ‘above’ the protocols.” [FORBES – 5/29/20]
  • A FEW HUNDRED CORONAVIRUS-RELATED DEATHS OF ALL U.S. PRISON INMATES, from a population of around 2.2 million according to UCLA tracking, has been the excuse to release of 67,000 criminals so far. Hawaii has released 38% of its entire inmates despite only 17 confirmed cases. “Consequently, given the shocking degree of recidivism even among criminals more carefully selected for release, we can add victims of crime as the latest long-term death toll from Covid-19… This has everything to do with accelerating an already dangerous liberal de-incarceration movement – which is why you shouldn’t expect them to be re-apprehended after the virus burns out.”   [LBN EXAMINER – 5/31/20]
  • THE STUPID AND SHAMEFUL ABSENCE OF LEADERSHIP which has allowed overwhelming physical, property & economic damage in so many cities from criminal mob actions “planned, organized and driven by anarchistic and far-left extremists, is the result of soft-on-crime liberal policies” for decades, almost exclusively under democrat administrations (50 years in Minneapolis, where the lawlessness began), “now trying to offload blame for their persistent policing failures… Neither they, nor the agitators care about the poor urban communities that have been destroyed in the orgy of self-congratulatory violence they sanctioned” and instead – with shameful media support – are feeding the political frenzy insisting this most recent terrorism is (like most of the world’s ills) resulting from Trump’s (3½ years) fault, rather than that of “domestic terrorists who hijacked peaceful protests.” Insane and disgusting. [NEW YORK POST – 5/31/20]
  • IS THIS PERSPECTIVE FROM ABROAD REALITY? “When a country’s political system fails, its problem-solving mechanism fails. The U.S. today is in such a poor state because its biggest problems never get solved – they just accumulate: issues like declining life-expectancy, deep inequality, ramshackle health care, exploitative working conditions & threadbare social welfare for the poor, convulsive cycles of economic growth & recession, over 100K dead from coronavirus with some 40 million thrown out of work, and the latest being race riots descending into chaos in multiple cities… The U.S. is tearing itself apart, entirely self-inflicted.” [SYDNEY MORNING HERALD – 6/1/20]

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