• MAJOR BENEFICIAL CHANGES TO THE PPP LOAN PROGRAM, now passed by House & Senate: (1) Requirement to expend 75% of loan for payroll within 8 weeks is now 60% over 24 weeks; (2) Restoring to pre-Covid workforce level is no longer required; (3) If ‘forgiveness’ doesn’t qualify for other reasons, loan repayment can be extended to 5 years at 1% interest; (4) Deferral of employer payroll taxes is now allowed.
  • “SOCIAL DISTANCING HAS ADDED ANOTHER LEVEL OF COMPLEXITY TO RISK OF ‘BURNOUT’ – feeling exhausted or depleted of energy, disconnected or cynical about work, and less productive. Burnout stems from personal needs not being met: psychologically feeling competent, in control, and socially connected.” Tips for preventing burnout involve: (1) Setting realistic goals and accepting that this not abnormal during any period of uncertainty, especially this weird pandemic; (2) Monitoring yourself for feelings of exhaustion or fatigue, problems concentrating, becoming short-tempered, increased anxiety or trouble relaxing; (3) Maintaining regular routine as much as possible, and optimizing activities that are both pleasurable and in which you can ‘master’ skills; (4) Trying to maintain hard boundaries between work and home life, to allow physical & emotional detachment in order to ‘recharge’; (5) Call DCG for a booster, anytime. [FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT – 5/31/20]
  • OVER A 90-DAY TIMELINE, FOSTERED BY CONFLICTING INFORMATION from politicians, health officials and media armchair experts, American society “went from mild annoyance about toilet paper shortages, to a general sense of unease, to full-on panic.” Key dates were: Jan 7 – China announcing a coronavirus outbreak; Jan 31 – WHO declaring a global health emergency & Trump banning entry of foreign nationals; Feb 6 – 70% of U.S. pharmacists disagreeing or unsure of “significant public threat”; Feb 25 – CDC warning about “likely spread” to U.S.; Feb 29 – Trump extending travel restrictions to Iran/So. Korea/ Italy; Mar 11 – Travel restriction expanded to 26 European countries; Mar 13 – National State of Emergency declared along with countrywide testing program; Mar 18, 20 – Canadian & Mexican borders closed to nonessential traffic; Apr 3 – CDC and White House recommend face masks in public. Now June: Still “worldwide concerns of living with the knowledge that there are no certain answers, with rituals & routines gone, replaced with the unfamiliar.” [PHARMACY TODAY – 5/20]
  • EVEN AFTER A ‘DATA BREACH’ ANNOUNCEMENT, ONLY A THIRD OF USERS TYPICALLY CHANGED THEIR PASSWORD. A Carnegie Mellon analysis based on actual browser traffic (versus survey of users) found also that seven-in-ten of those took up to three months before making a change, and only four-in-ten chose to make the password stronger. “The rest created passwords of weaker or similar strength, usually by reusing character sequences from the previous one, or similar to other accounts stored inside their browser,” making life easier for hackers. [ZD NET – 6/1/20]
  • “NO MATTER WHAT FRIENDLY SLOGAN THEY USE, THE MEDIA IS NOT YOUR FRIEND… News networks & journalists promote themselves as ‘getting the real story’ so followers are more informed, but really just in order to capture attention… The media has a vested interest these weeks in keeping the riots going, since stroking outrage, division & disaster, and highlighting police responses heightens tensions and only helps their ratings… Viewers can’t presently flip on TV or open a browser without seeing images & footage of riots, protests, police in riot gear, barking dogs, destruction, mayhem & violence – all of which are good for business, since we’re immediately glued and wanting to know more, especially if horrified and anxious to tell friends, who then also tune in. All the while, ads are flowing across the screen, garnering more money for the network or website… Worse, most media take the side of the robber-arsonists by limiting the word ‘looting’ (viewed, for example, by the ‘Journalistic Guideline’ of Associated Press, to be referred to as ‘engaged in Protest)… Some of the headlines are so unintentionally absurd, one would think they have to be intentional… If you’ve felt like the media is screwing with you quite a bit lately, then your feelings aren’t invalid.” [RED STATE – 6/4/20]
  • THOUGHTS FOR THE WEEK: “Society should be judged not by its external technical achievements by the position and meaning it gives to man, by the value it puts on human dignity and human conscience.” – Frederick Forsyth

      Reuters reported that TESLA will soon introduce a low-cost ‘million-mile battery’ which also has a “second life on the power grid as a storage device which could sound the death knell for combustion engines.”

     One spray bottle to replace a dozen others?  https://biggeekdad.com/2014/05/6-uses-windex/