• FALSE NARRATIVE ABOUT INNOCENT BLACKS BEING DISPROPORTIONATELY shot by white cops and targeted by racist white civilians… have devastating consequences to society. This narrative is played hourly on cable news, embellished by newspapers & magazines, by cynical & opportunistic politicians, perpetuated on TV and in theaters by Hollywood personalities, high-school teachers & college professors, even major corporations ‘apologizing’ for their nebulous behavior, along with a staple of diversity & inclusion offices now ubiquitous on social media.” The narrative is repeated so frequently that it’s considered an unassailable given fact not to be challenged. But the narrative is false.”  Facts (based on 2018 U.S. Commission on Civil Rights Report) show statistical White/Black ratios like: Population – 85%: 15% / Violent Crimes – 60%: 40% / Murder Arrests – 1: 6.8 / Cop Killing Arrests – 1:2.75 / and in 2016, twice as many white as black males killed by police. “Death, destruction & division are the aftermath of ignorance.”  [NATIONAL REVIEW – 6/4/20]
  •  REMINDER ON IMPORTANCE OF BUSINESS REGISTRATION, required by states for varying activities which may include: direct or indirectly performing services / accepting orders / making sales or selling through independent contractors / owning property / securing or collecting debts / engaging in litigation / or being a member of a pass-thru entity which does these things. “There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to state requirements” and penalties for failure to register can triple the amount of fees/penalties/taxes/interest otherwise imposable plus, in some states, subject a taxpayer to criminal prosecution. California can also automatically void business contracts. Business owners commonly overlook Registration requirements to avoid state taxing issues, but be aware of the downfalls. [ARMANINO TAX ALERT – 6/5/20]
  • UPDATE ON CALIFORNIA’S ‘ILLEGAL ALIEN BAILOUT’ – a $125 million ‘stimulus’ program for illegals, “each eligible for an anonymous $1,000 handout, first-come-first-served, by simply calling in (to one of twelve non-profit centers who help ‘undocumented workers’), without even California authorities allowed to know who got the money.” Pew estimates well over two million illegals in the state, but agencies reported more calls than that just in the first 48 hours. The program objectives were apparently about keeping unemployed illegals “from fleeing back across the border, since democrats depend on their residing in ghost districts” for census and voting purposes… Supposedly, wealthy politically correct elites, with backing of billionaires like Steve Jobs widow, Mark Zuckerberg & George Soros, agreed to donate $50M to the $125M ‘Resilience Fund, but funding is struggling – which means its partner organizations like the California Nail Salon Care Fund, Jakara Movement for Sikh Illegal Aliens, and Black LGBTQ+ Migrant Project might be out of luck.” Now legislators are calling for another expanded program of $3,200 payouts per illegal.  [FRONTPAGEMAG – 5/29/20]
  • I.R.S. HAS SOME $39 BILLION OF UNCOLLECTED TAXES DUE FROM NEARLY 900,000 AMERICANS who don’t file returns or pay taxes due, the majority being “high-income non-filers” who earn at least $100K yearly. According to the Treasury Inspector General, half the amount relates to some 370,000 cases not selected for tax audit and “probably won’t be pursued, as resources at the agency decline… from staffing challenges (particularly in the ‘Small Business/ Self-Employed Division), as I.R.S. has lost nearly a third of its enforcement personnel… and its policy of working on just single-tax-year cases no matter how many returns haven’t been filed by a taxpayer.” Good news for some.   [ACCOUNTING TODAY – 6/1/20]
  • THERE ARE ALWAYS A FEW BAD APPLES IN EVERY BUSHEL, and “some police are a problem, but so are many rules they enforce. For that, we can blame lawmakers… Well over 3000 federal crimes and countless more state offences require interactions between citizen and enforcer, some of which turn violent.” Confrontations have ended in killings over arrests in New York City for selling untaxed cigarettes, in Louisville when police executed a ‘no knock warrant,’ and might easily have resulted in violence from recent ‘emergency decree’ laws by state Governors which led to a California man taken into custody for riding a paddleboard, or a Colorado father playing catch with his daughter – especially when officers are thought to be using “unnecessary force or acting in a racially discriminatory manner… If we’re serious about reducing the violence too often seen, as important as thinking about how to control police officers, we need to ask how to control those who tell them what to do.” [BLOOMBERG BUSINESSWEEK – 6/8/20]
  •  THOUGHTS FOR THE WEEK:  Coronavirus testing sites are becoming more available, but so far open only at one of Target’s nearly 1,900 locations, 28 of Walgreen’s 9,300 stores, 180 of Walmart’s 5,300+ sites, and 10% of 9,900 CVS stores.

  “A society that has accepted the threat of its utter destruction soon finds it hard to react to lesser ills, for a society cannot be at the same time asleep & awake, insane & sane, against and for life.”