• MANY SMALL BUSINESSES REFUSE TO BELIEVE THAT SOME BIZARRE EXTERNAL EVENT could severely disrupt their company, and dismiss the importance of Continuity Planning for such a crisis – exceptionally unlikely, but possible risks like floods, hurricanes, mob terrorism, pandemics, or other scenarios where absence of advance planning can be crucial to even survival. Disaster planning involves specific actions which need to be taken to manage a crisis: who, when, how and with backup systems to do so. “Human beings tend to think that while things can go wrong, never to us, or now, or if they do we’ll manage one way or another; it’s easier not to think about them and hope for the best, instead of planning for the worst.” But risk management is not complex or costly, and adopting a strong business Continuity Program is a core responsibility of management. DCG have decades of experience in developing reality-based strategies to best protect business productivity, profitability & stability in time of crisis. Call us for courtesy consultation. [FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT – 6/10/20]  
  • “HISTORY MAY LOOK BACK ON THIS PERIOD AS A TRANSITION IN THE NATION’S POLITICS & CULTURE comparable to the 1960s, this time driven primarily by the largest generation of young Americans since Baby Boomers flooded the streets for social movements – today’s being around climate change, gun control, immigration, and inequities of gender & race… All these issues are drawn on the same frustration: an unequal society that benefits the few – perceived as the Old and White over the many young and people of color…whose preferences now dominate popular culture and tolerance of diversity which has lit a path for broader changes in social attitudes… Transition is inevitable. The viewpoints of Millennials, Gen Z, and the younger following generation will eventually define the new American mainstream as they grow to become a majority of the population… The question is only: How quickly is this going to get there.” [THE ATLANTIC – 6/18/20] 
  • THE ONLY GOOD NEWS ABOUT ‘CULTURAL’ REVOLUTIONS IS THAT THEY SOON “turn anarchic, eat their own, and lose support…as revolutionaries attack the very referents of our daily lives, trying to redefine entire societies but inevitably die out when they turn cannibalistic…and quiet sympathizers conclude that they too may be targeted so, to survive turn on their own icons… (E.g. what deflated the MeToo movement was the high toll that accusations took among the Hollywood & cultural elite – when suddenly progressive celebrities began demanding evidence and insisting on presumed innocence as their careers were destroyed)… Once a cultural revolution gets going, there can be no contextualization of the past, no allowance for human frailty, no consideration of weighing evil vs. good… We are seeing this already as liberal sympathetic bystanders are wondering whether downtown arson & looting will go private and reach their suburban homes. When a liberal mayor or black police chief or progressive governor or white elitist who diverges from the ‘Party Line’ is targeted by the mob, then who is really safe?”   [VICTOR DAVIS HANSON – 6/18/20 – Townhall.com]
  • SO FAR, COVID-19s ‘FIRST WAVE’ HAS BEEN HORRENDOUS. Studies by Kaiser and Humanitarian Institute found 45% of people saying that “stress of the coronavirus had affected their mental health with feelings of isolation loneliness, anxiety, depression, substance abuse… and increase in relational problems including interpersonal & domestic abuse.” Of greater concern, however may be the impact of a 2nd wave, which psychologists say would be “more harmful, with people being crushed, from effects of prolonged stress, especially uncertainty as to if/when the crisis will end, and from people losing their jobs again in retail stores/bars/restaurants/dentist offices/ and other business that have a physical location… Additionally, the highest risk of suicide related to coronavirus is now forecast between October to December if there are no new waves, but with a 2nd or 3rd wave, as people feel more traumatized and likely more distressed & hopeless, the situation would worsen dramatically.”  [WASHINGTON EXAMINER – 6/19/20]
  • THOUGHTS FOR THE WEEK: “If these past few weeks has taught us anything, it’s that stupidity travels faster than any virus on the planet.”

“A liberal arts college class was told they had to write a short story in as few words as possible, encompassing three elements: Religion, Sexuality and Mystery. The A+ went to a female student who wrote: Good God, I’m pregnant; I wonder who did it.”

    The BLM Movement is serving as a direct political fundraising arm for the Democratic National Committee. BlackLivesMatter.com donations are via link to secure.actblue.com which collects and distributes the donations.  www.opensecrets.org  tracks political organization allocations to show that Act Blue funds predominantly go to Sanders, Biden, Warren, etc.