• MODERN DAY UPDATES OF PARKINSON’S LAW that “work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion.” (1) For employees who are ‘slackers,’ taking advantage of stay-at-home rules to work minimum hours: ‘For the unconcerned, when unobserved, work shrinks to fill the time required’; (2) For those consumed by guilt, anxiety about job security, or ambition who opt to ensure appearance of working harder: ‘For anxious home workers, work expands to fill all their waking hours’; (3) For Managers with tendency to make work for each other and spend lots of time checking subordinates work: ‘In lockdown, Zoom expands to fill all of the manager’s available time’… Zoom is effectively a digital version of the paperwork shuffling described by Parkinson 65 years ago.” [ECONOMIST 7/11/20]
  • ONGOING & INCREASING POST-PANDEMIC CYBERTHREATS ARE AN “INVEVITABLE REALITY. As remote working and videoconferencing applications continue to rise, digitization escalates, and retail/ hospitality/ manufacturing sectors layer their adoption of robotics with added AR/VR capabilities, social engineering techniques will increasingly trick untrained & unsuspecting employees, 3rd parties and contractors into releasing confidential info or letting an intruder into organization networks… With teleworking likely to become the norm, virtual desktops could become the security baseline for enforcing data management standards; and decentralized cybersecurity must necessarily rise, with emphasis on data sources – such as actual remote employees themselves – while cloud platforms become more important.” DCG serves the Board and Leadership Council for Secure The Village.Org which provides a wealth of important guidance in protecting organizations from hackers. Or call DCG for courtesy consult.  [FORBES – 7/8/20] 
  • COVID RETURN-TO-WORK RULES EMPLOYERS NEED TO KNOW – California state and county regulations require: (1) “If an employee reports & documents vulnerability due to underlying health conditions, employers must engage in an interactive process to find reasonable accommodation and, for employees over 65 or pregnant, be assigned work that can be done at home whenever possible… or consider placing the employee on leave”; (2) If a non-vulnerable employee “prefers to work remotely, employer must have compelling & documented reasons why duties cannot be carried out remotely before demanding they physical return”; (3) Employees who “refuse available work because they earn more on unemployment… are not required to be hired back, and also jeopardize unemployment benefits after the $600 federal supplement expires at end of July.”  [RAINES FELDMAN BULLETIN – 7/9/20]
  • P.C. JUST KEEPS GETTING MORE SURREAL, and “the life of a radical journalist appears to be on a never-ending quest to find social aggrievement and cause for outrage in the most benign & unintentional aspects of our life. The latest is a writer for medium.com who was literally looking for signs of oppression and managed to find them in his perception of white supremacy flashing in the form of ‘little white men’ on a traffic light, giving ‘permission’ to cross the street. He was triggered by a benign and innocuous illuminated stick figure… Reality is that the little ‘white’ man is actually ‘lunar white,’ chosen by the Federal Highway Ass’n to mimic color, clarity & intensity of moonlight – which offers peak sensitivity for rod cells in the human retina… In this era, everyone gets to be relevant, so long as it involves hectoring about racial abuses.” [RED STATE – 7/9/20]
  • AND LATEST DUMBEST CAPITULATION TO ‘WOKENESS’: a newly appointed Chief Judge of the U.S. District Court for Central California resigned the post weeks later, after criticism that in a conference with attorneys he complimented his Court Clerk, a 35-year experienced black woman, as “a fabulous clerk, so street smart and really knows her job.” The “criticism and call for his removal” was based on “some woke people equating his well-intended use of the term ‘street-smart’ with the reprehensible conduct of a police officer putting his knee on a person’s neck.” [LBN EXAMINER – 7/12/20]

      Unique video of Komodo Dragons who then attack the robot spy pig camera: https://biggeekdad.com/2020/06/komodo-dragons/

    “God Bless The U.S.A” is one of America’s most iconic songs Lee Greenwood and U.S. Air Force band members. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gs0fxy8rHo8&feature=youtu.be

     “When people believe the justice system is no longer just, that the politicians are above the laws they make, that the government serves the interests of the ruling class instead of the middle and working classes; and when the history and culture and language of the people are denigrated and denied – these are the conditions that make a society ripe for civil war.” – Mike Maden