• ORGANIZATIONAL GROWTH EVOLVES TO MATURITY IN ROUGHLY FIVE PHASES: from Creative stage, to Strategic Direction, Delegation, Coordination, and then Collaboration. In between those phases, the critical Leadership factors also evolve from total control to allocation of authority & autonomy, monitored and managed by operational systems and guided by company culture. DCG have decades of experience in helping companies navigate. Call us before your reality check bounces.
  • “STRESSFUL ANXIOUS TIMES, ESPECIALLY SHELTERING-IN-PLACE AND ABSENCE OF ROUTINE can create extreme reactions, resulting in self-defeating thoughts and actions.” A few critical steps can make a positive difference: (1) Do your best to stay on a regular schedule of exercise, daily activity and sleep to avoid messing up your body’s circadian rhythms, which compromise your lymph system & endorphins which impact hormones, fatigue levels, stress, mood and brain activation; (2) Stay in touch socially with family, friends & associates through phone and virtual platforms. The need for community, human kindness & connection is essential to stability and sanity; (3) Eliminate negative self-talk & thoughts which contribute to self-sabotage and lowered confidence, as well as dementia & Alzheimer. Do your best to focus on happier thoughts and to relax, letting go of things over which you have no control. These few critical steps can make a positive difference. [DEVELOPMENTAL EXCELERATIONS – 7/23/20]
  • IT’S A GREAT TIME TO BE A CRIMINAL IN LOS ANGELES, BUT NOT A BUSINESS OWNER. The newest insanity is “hefty citations and fines for supposedly violating permit laws by hanging banners on their businesses to help customers see that they’re open through the pandemic… Above the entrance of one café in Studio City – where business is down 70% during the pandemic – a sign saying “OPEN FOR TAKE-OUT AND DELIVERY” drew a $356 fine from Dep’t of Building and Safety (due within 30 days or increasing to $1,176). Meanwhile, what’s now allowed in LA with impunity include: Defying stay-at-home orders to protest by tens of thousands/ Throwing Molotov cocktails at police/ Breaking windows of private & public property/ Burning down neighborhood businesses/ Tearing down monuments/ Dragging commuters from their cars, beating them & destroying their vehicles/ Pooping in public streets/ Stealing cars & bicycles/ Erecting tent cities on private property/ and (the best) Stealing up to $950 of merchandise per day without fear of prosecution. Leftist insanity!  [RED STATE – 7/23/20]
  • AT LEAST ONE GLOBAL COMPANY HAS REFUSED TO BUCKLE TO TODAY’S INANE ‘CANCEL CULTURE.’ While many major corporate execs are caving to extortion out of fear they’ll be accused of being a racist or of supporting police brutality, and personally be held responsible by the ‘mob,’ Red Bull, an Austrian-owned company, terminated three executives after their creation of tension by attempting to force financial ransom and support for BLM.  Along with North America’s CEO and CMO, the Head of Global Culture Marketing was also fired after “leaking an offensive slide to the press depicting how ‘ignorant Americans view the world.’ [WALL STREET JRNL – 7/25/20]
  • AS BUSINESSES LURCH TOWARD REOPENING, lawsuits have already been prompted across the country from employees and/or customers who subsequently test Covid positive. The cause of action is “Public Nuisance” – essentially that the business failed to do something it could or should have which caused or contributed to the claimant’s harm. In response, “many businesses – particularly those where workers interact with customers – are now considering implementing Liability Waivers… which a California court have ruled valid, and which may protect a business from claims it negligently caused the infection, provided that, before entering, the claimants have a clear & transparent awareness that rights are waived and of risks they faced.” This may well become the New Normal.   [RAINES FELDMAN – 7/9/20]

    “The fact that Jellyfish have survived for 650 million years despite not having brains gives hope to many people.”

   A 3D Printer has just constructed an entire 2-story home with compressive strength three times greater than conventional quick-build brick, and saving an estimated 60% on material, time, and budget. Just under 1,000 sq. ft., the home also includes sustainable amenities like solar panels and underfloor heating.”  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pxrVEfxrwUw&feature=youtu.be