• INCREASING POLITICAL & SOCIAL CONFLICT VERY STRONGLY SUGGESTS THAT AMERICA IS ON PATH TOWARDS A CULTURAL ‘RESET.’ “At the core of modern history lies a remarkable pattern: Over the past five centuries, Anglo-American society has entered a new Era every generation or so (a ‘Turning’) where younger generations change how they feel about themselves, the culture, nation and future.” And every four Turnings – roughly every century – the cycle goes full circle: The 1st  Turning is when prior chaos subsides and society sort of gets on a same page; In America this was after WWII with general acceptance of national institutions; 2nd Turning becomes an era of passionate spiritual upheaval, when civic order comes under attack from new ‘values’ with aggressive moralism and culture wars raging (the 60s Hippies); 3rd Turn evolves to a period of strengthening individualism and weakening institutions, with young adults becoming hostile toward the corruption of civic life (Millennials); “the 4th  Turning – where we are today – becomes a crisis, a decisive era of secular upheaval, when a new values regime propels replacement of old civic order toward a complete Reset,” and the nation’s foundational culture is upended. Today’s Activist Progressive views have been shaped predominantly from texts/ tweets/ blurbs/ & banners published by extremely biased media and by the uncertainties of economic & Covid crises – on gender & racial diversity, social consciousness, marriage & religious irrelevance, corporate avarice & income inequality, environmental concerns & world order – with little, if any, perspective on life before the Digital World. Historical patterns suggest the likelihood that “sometime before the year 2025, America will pass through a great gate in history, commensurate with the American Revolution, Civil War, and twin emergencies of the Great Depression & WWII.”   [THE FOURTH TURNING – Strauss & Howe]
  • AS COVID REOPENING COMMENCES, business leaders need to consider some new critical strategic leadership issues: (1) dealing with “tension from the divide between execs & managers who easily adapted to working from home and to flexible, ill-defined processes & ways of working (which they see as being effective and wave of the future), versus many employees in the trenches who think it’s the worst thing to happen to them”; and (2) Best forecasting what the yet-to-drop issues may be, and developing risk protection strategies if/when they do. “The point isn’t to have a better answer, it’s to build capability to pivot faster than competition, and resilience comes through speed… Striking the right balance between hope for the future and the realism that organizations must consider” is perhaps the most critical factor in moving forward effectively.”  [McKINSEY – 6/2/20]
  • ALSO, LEADERS MUST BEST PROTECT AGAINST SAFETY-CLAIM LAWSUITS from employees, consumers or other business visitors who subsequently contact coronavirus – nearly 500 of which have already been filed – by: (1) Documenting articles, correspondence and meetings with health experts and other consultants, supporting effective safety protocols initiated, with detailed written policies and procedures regarding worker safety “to show the company has acted in ‘good faith,’ with best interest of protection in mind; (2) Surveying workers to find out areas they may feel are unsafe, invite suggestions on what can be done to ease their fears, and document these interactions, since it is much harder to argue that a company has been negligent when workers have participated in developing safety protocols.” [CORPORATE BOARD MEMBER – 8/7/20]
  • HOLLYWOOD IS NOW BEGINNING TO RESTART, FOCUSED ON SIGNIFICANT CHANGE IN CONTENT & THEMES reflecting “the reality of our life at this moment in time… without worry of respiratory droplets or invisible particles of coronavirus requiring masks and social distancing, but with emergence of a new level of social consciousness on matters related to diversity & equality. Moving forward, film & TV themes, plots, portrayed relationships and dialogue will be forever changed to avoid noticeable stereotyping and reflect a new awareness of racial & gender equality & related sensitivities… Our definitions of heroes, success & achievement are changing, along with thoughts on villains, fairness, virtue, passion & quest for accomplishment in the post-Covid world.”  [THOMAS FREY INSIGHTS – 8/6/20]

       “The media’s “truth” is a good guide to what is abjectly false. When knowledge, wisdom, independent thought, even basic competence were no longer requisites for success, then the media naturally slid into mediocrity, and mastered networking and obsequiousness instead of valuing independence.”  – Victor Davis Hanson