• FAMILY BUSINESSES WHICH DON’T UTILIZE AN ‘ADVISORY BOARD’ GENERALLY FAIL TO OPTIMIZE THEIR POTENTIAL, since relying solely on a management team to guide themselves often results in ‘failing to see the forest for the trees.’ An effective Advisory Board is typically a select group of “experienced & influential business leaders who are willing to help the owner and/or key executive(s) become more successful, by providing access to optimal experience & resources… combining the benefits of a team of consultants, a focus group of customers and knowledge experts the industry, all in one room at the same time… to provide valuable insight, knowledge & advice without having to learn the hard way, or to set aside time for outside training, or to risk making costly mistakes that could have been avoided if the team had more relevant experience.” DCG have decades of expertise & experience in developing and guiding this process. Let us help. [FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT –  Sep 20]
  • AS LINES BETWEEN BUSINESS & PERSONAL LIFE ON DEVICES & NETWORKS CONTINUE TO BLUR, attention to cybersecurity is critical, with Company Culture being the micro-level of protection. Some key points: (1) “Complex rules & regs give rise to simple & stupid behavior. Set simple principles with clear purpose,” to enable personnel to understand risks and buy-in to the inconveniences; (2) People need to understand what is being done and why, the impacts of not complying, and the consequence – both to company & personally – if not. Example for a law firm: “We need to stop BYOD policy and all work now on a firm device. If we don’t, personal devices may be subpoenaed & confiscated, with personal info captured and possibly admissible in court”; (3) Provide a cheat sheet of simple protective measures: Avoiding suspicious websites or unknown networks/ Calendaring regular updates & backups/ Resisting temptation to be law/ etc. (4) Remember that it can only take one breach incident to create havoc or even catastrophe. DCG can help. [SECURITY INTELLIGENCE – 9/16/20]
  • WHEN WILL THIS PANDEMIC BE OVER?? The views of many competent voices in many countries suggest this will occur based on two separate criteria and timelines: “(1) Transition to a form of Normalcy – when almost all aspects of social & economic life can resume without fear of ongoing mortality (above historical average) or long-term consequences related to contagion or recovery from Covid-19… When rapid & accurate testing and progress toward immunity gives people confidence to resume gradual transition back to travel, shopping, restaurants, arenas, gyms, workplaces, etc… This will obviously vary by location, possibly by 1st or 2nd quarter 2021(2) An epidemiological end point – when ‘herd immunity’ is achieved by the proportion of society being immune to Covid-19 sufficient to prevent widespread ongoing transmission, likely through regular vaccinations similar to flu shots… The timeline will most likely be achieved by 3rd or 4th quarter 2021.”  [McKINSEY – 9/21/20]
  • ILLEGAL ALIENS NOW HAVE A VOICE IN AMERICAN GOVERNING, after a 3-judge Federal panel in New York last week ruled that Undocumented Immigrants must be included in the Census that determines Congressional apportionment of seats in the House of Representatives, based on constitutional wording “the whole number of persons in each state.” [THE WEEK – 9/25/20]

     Tips to minimize Covid-sedentary cramps – some simple daily exercises at your desk: Neck Twists left & right / Straightened Leg then Flexed Foot pulls / Butt Cheek clenches / Arm Circles from shoulder-to-head and ‘Raise the Roof’ pushes

     Tips for health: A safety organization study of households found germs – including mold, yeast & staph – on 27% of toilet seats and 64% of toothbrush holders… Also remember that sponges harbor serious germs, mold & mildew, so should either be replaced or microwaved on high for a couple minutes weekly.