• THE COVID LOCKDOWN MINDSET MAY BE “THE GREATEST SCANDAL OF OUR TIME.” While social distancing, along with antivirals, vitamins, exercise and proper air filtration are effective strategies and early treatments, “there is no NIH recommended protocol treatment for non-hospitalized people; instead, it’s ‘isolate’ in your home until your condition gets so bad you have to got the hospital… a totalitarian lockdown mindset which is chipping away at not only liberties forming us into not only a submissive society,” but also facilitating psychological impacts which will result in “unintended consequences for decades.” [AMERCAN CONSERVATIVE – 11/23/20] 
  • THE SHUTDOWN IMPACT HAS OBLITERATED FOOD, BEVERAGE AND ENTERTAINMENT VENUES, especially ‘Hollywood’ where, before the pandemic, some 52% of U.S. jobs in motion picture & video production were in the LA metropolitan area; as of this month, it’s rebounded less than half, and only around 4% in feature films. Production has mostly “shifted to Canada and other countries where Covid is less rampant, along with reality of cost increases here up to 20% to cover coronavirus safety protocols, and declining revenue from theaters/cable/broadcast TV as streaming matures… Highest paid occupation in the motion picture industry last year was ‘Lawyer’ at $217K, while average annual wage for actors, producers & directors was just over $91K.” [BLOOMBERG BUSINESSWEEK – 11/23/20]
  • “WE’RE IN A TIME OF CHAOS UPON CHAOS ATOP CHAOS – a series of battles to come in 2021 thru 2024 that will be definitive and even more chaotic. But the tensions and furor are reminiscent of the last generations of the Roman Republic which, in its last century, began to adjudicate politics by obsequious partisan town criers (their version of our media), mass demonstrations, and freelance street gangs. Looters, arsonists, and demonstrators did pretty much as they pleased in the streets of Rome without fear of legal consequences. In our time, the media has now vanished… The only constant is that reporters unapologetically seem to jettison their principles and professionalism to calibrate what they say and do by whose politics they support, and would prefer to be entirely discredited under a Biden presidency than be real journalists during a Trump Administration… The Trump base has not emulated the Left’s tactics of street brawling, mass violence, looting, and arson, nor sought to undermine the federal courts, abuse the intelligence services, warp the Justice Department, or welcome the help of the retired officer corps or anonymous sleeper opponents within the bureaucracy… seeking extra-legal means to monitor his opponents, weaponize the government, and likely violate the law.” [Victor Davis Hanson – AMERICAN GREATNESS – 11/22/20]
  • P.C. BOUNDARIES CONTINUE TO EXPAND with a unanimous vote from University of Wisconsin’s Campus Planning Committee to support (at a cost of up to $75K) its Black Student Union ‘Toss-the-Rock’ campaign. Evidently, a 70-ton boulder on campus, named ‘Chamberlin Rock’ in 1925 in honor of a former school president, was however “referred to in a news clipping (the only known instance)  as a ‘nighead’ – the common designation at that time for any large, dark-colored rock.” A century later, that reference was discovered by a sensitized student, when the term ‘nig head’ is defined by Urban Dictionary as “someone of not African ethnicity but has negro hair.”  [RED STATE – 11/24/20]
  • THOUGHTS FOR THE WEEK: Millenial Job Interview.  Classic: https://biggeekdad.com/2017/12/hiring-a-millennial/

Building a TESLA from a roll of metal to finished automobile in one process, predominantly by robots, is an absolutely fascinating process. Watch thishttps://www.youtube.com/embed/8_lfxPI5ObM?rel=