• REMINDER: CALIFORNIA MINIMUM WAGE IS EFFECTIVE 2021: If over 25 employees = $14 per hour, if fewer = $13 per hour; For exemption from Overtime rules, $58K salary level if over 25 employees, $54K if fewer, and $99K for certain computer professionals; workers must also meet ‘duties’ tests, with further requirements in certain municipalities. Ensure you have up to date HR policies to avoid risk of substantial penalties & hassle.
  • WOKE ACTIVISM IS NO LONGER A SIDESHOW and, in combination with the Cancel Culture weapon, bodes a scary future.  Wokers’ latest attack is on Vaccine Distribution “penetrating an important, once revered government scientific agency, affecting basic questions of life & death for millions… Not in the name of budget cutting, but in the name of two-wrongs-don’t-make-up-for-racism Social Justice. Fight it and you’re not just self-interested and wrong, but racist.” Regarding Vaccine, CDC science was overridden by Woke vision of justice for “under-represented ethnic minority groups to have priority before older people (65+) or Essential workers… Especially for liberals backing Medicare-For-All, this is a rather huge conflict – i.e. diversity preempting actual saving of lives at greatest risk. Same with public support for ending exclusionary zoning & stratified schooling, providing a safe environment, etc.” And the best: Prisoners also deserve Vaccine first (as well as release) from confinement. Risky times ahead.  [NEWSWEEK – 12/29/20]
  • THE FIRST IMPORTANT ORDER OF BUSINESS FOR THE NEW CONGRESS has now been calendared. An ‘inclusivity’ Bill to: (1) Protect identity disclosure of any whistleblower (from investigation of allegations outside Congress); (2) Establish a Select Committee on Economic Disparity & Fairness in Growth; (3) and “Honor all gender identities” by striking their Code of Official Conduct Terms father/ mother/ son/ daughter/ brother/ sister/ aunt/ cousin/ husband/ wife/ in-laws– and replacing with pronouns parent/ child/ sibling/ spouse/ grand, also replacing seamen with seafarer.  [EPOCH TIMES – 1/2/21]
  • AND HERE COMES ‘DURESS LEGISLATION’ TO GIVE CRIMINALS A ‘POVERTY’ DEFENSE. Ignoring Seattle’s dramatic increase in robbery, assault, rape and dozens of other crimes including the highest homicide rate in over a decade, the result of  having cut police funding dramatically to appease BLM protestors, their City Council is now considering a law that will “allow thieves to sell items they steal if done so to earn money for basic needs, allow trespassers to set up camp on private property when done to obtain adequate shelter, and excuse most other crimes if suspects are poor, mentally ill or addicted to drugs – i.e. if poverty or behavioral health issues ‘caused’ them to commit the crime.”  [JUDICIAL WATCH – 12/16/20]
  • THOUGHTS FOR THE YEAR END:    HALLELUJAH – Bocelli & daughter: https://biggeekdad.com/2020/12/andrea-bocelli-hallelujah/ 

     Check this out:  Click on any of 50 cities around the world and take your own driving tourhttps://driveandlisten.herokuapp.com/ 

     While tens of millions of Americans face overwhelming financial struggles from coronavirus impacts, the wealth of over 650 U.S. billionaires increased in the last 12 months by over a Trillion dollars – enough to send a $3,000 ‘stimulus’ to every on of our 330 million population. So, calls for an Emergency tax levy are not unwarranted, applicable to individuals and/or their companies who could/would never have been enabled for such windfall wealth without government-provided financial & communication infrastructure, security, and so forth.