• BEYOND THE CRITICAL IMPORTANCE OF IMPLEMENTING CYBERSECURITY policies, programs & procedures, a cyber-intrusion insurance policy should be a priority strategic consideration for most companies. 2020 saw an all-time high in Ransomware attacks, with demands up to mega-millions. “Although there have been decades of viruses, breaches and other forms of attack, the increase is attributable to bad actor sophistication and a broad swath of geopolitical uncertainty – conditions that hackers found favorable… and insured losses have continued to grow by 50% yearly… So, cyber insurance carriers are becoming warier of providing coverage, re-insurers less interested in backing cyber-liabilities,” and procrastination may result in absence of availability. DCG, with our affiliates, provide substantive support in cyber-protective steps; call us for courtesy consult. [HARVARD BUSINESS REVIEW – 1/11/21]
  • DRONE DELIVERIES HAVE BEEN AUTHORIZED BY FAA. New Regs will now “allow drones to fly over populated areas, subject to absence of propellers which could possibly hurt someone, using ‘remote identification technology’ (digital license plates)… Cities like Los Angeles have already started programs to prepare citizens for the change, disruption and unanticipated weirdness” to come within the next couple years. [AXIOS – 1/14/21]
  • THE NEWEST PROMULGATED EVIDENCE OF ‘WHITE SUPREMISM’ IS NOW ‘LINGUISTIC RACISM’ – perpetrated against speakers of languages other than standard English, whenever people evidence difficulty understanding someone’s accent. According to the Linguistics department at Michigan State University, “Racist acts take the form of comments like Could you please repeat what you said? Or, I don’t understand your thick accent… Evidently, Spanish Arabic, African-American ‘vernacular’ English variations are undervalued and seen as inferior to dominant mainstream Standard English, used predominantly by white, affluent members of society… either covertly or overtly (like mocking or describing the Covid virus as ‘Wuhan’).” Fortunately, accents of those living in southern states do not qualify for consideration as being among the victimized. [RED STATE – 1/17/21] 
  • AS PRESIDENT TRUMP’S ADMINISTRATION CLOSES, amidst wide diversity of thought about the effectiveness of his personality and leadership style, his legacy includes some 600 accomplishments with predominantly undisputed positive impact, covering Development/ Reforms/ Advancement/ Control in areas including: U.S. production, jobs & wages, economic growth & stability, tax reduction, eliminated regulation, technology protection, military defense & security, criminal justice, international trade equity, Middle East peace, illegal immigration & asylum, energy independence, Rx pricing, and general well-being of Americans. Irrespective of one’s personal like/disapproval, he deserves the country’s gratitude, not the ‘character’ assassination undergone in today’s political-power arena. For the record:: https://www.whitehouse.gov/trump-administration-accomplishments/
  • THOUGHTS FOR THE WEEK: The cool CICRET internet wrist projection bracelet is a scam:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7OfiUrqdsVU

      California’s incestuous government has been controlled by four families for over 80 years: BROWN, two of whom served as Governors; their friends NEWSOME whose family members served as top-level judges, attorneys & Administrators to GETTY, Gavin’s governorship, and daughter Nancy’s marriage to the PELOSI family (connected also by a marriage to the Baltimore Mafia). A video is available by request.

     “There isn’t a lot of difference between Republicans and Democrats, just about who gets to spend the money.” – Newt Gingrich