• IN NORMAL TIMES, PEOPLE HANDLE UNCERTAINTIES BY RELYING ON PREVIOUS CULTURE, STRUCTURES & PROCESSES, but nothing about the past year has been normal, and maintaining stability (and sanity) is now a matter of continuous attention, learning and flexible response as circumstances evolve. Businesswise, the severity and speed of this pandemic’s economic & political impacts is unparalleled in history, and has basically obliterated the historical model of organizational decision-making, where leaders (a) would meet to collectively decide on annual strategies, budgets & tactics, then (b) managed operations between typically quarterly cycles in accordance with those Goals and guidelines. In today’s world, where even meticulously developed Assumptions and Forecasts can become outdated rapidly, absence of a ‘crisis-mode response’ plan can impede productivity, profitability and even survival. DCG have decades of experience in helping clients develop adaptable strategies & action steps. Call us for courtesy consultation.
  • THE UNCERTAINTIES OF THESE ABNORMAL TIMES HAVE ALSO FORTIFIED THE TECHNIQUES OF HACKERS & SCAMMERS who use social engineering to prey on human tendencies to behave and be viewed as: (1) Being helpful, friendly and altruistic; (2) Being optimistic, believing we’re less vulnerable than others to online risks; (3) Being honest and responsive to evidently incomplete or erroneous comments by correcting the scammer; (4) Fearing authority, including official-sounding subject lines in phishing exploits, like referencing government or vaccine-related ‘notices’; and (5) Having a trusting nature, such that ‘pretexting’ strategies which establish familiarity & positive first impression then allow responding to later requests for info or access to ‘feel’ more comfortable. Staying vigilant is important. Many easy tips are available at SecureTheVillage.org.  [DARK READING – 3/5/21]
  • POSTING ON SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS “FOLLOWS BASIC, CROSS-SPECIES PRINCIPLES OF ‘REWARD LEARNING,’ a long-established psychological concept that actions may be driven & reinforced by rewards… A research study analyzing a million posts from over 4,000 users found those who receive more praise, ‘likes’ and comments from followers seem to be driven to post even more frequently thinking patterns similar to lab rats seeking food… That some four billion people worldwide spend several hours daily on social media platforms, dominating daily life, prompts comparisons to addiction, and concern as to how troubling online engagement may have become.” [LBN EXAMINER – 3/7/21]
  • “THE TRADITIONAL MODEL OF A COLLEGE EDUCATION has relied on parental & societal mindset & bias, with College simply representing grades 13 – 16, but is no longer necessarily the smarter path for high school grads… The world’s demand for workers with unique, focused, tangible skills is now driving a whole new education-based industry, since companies hire for skills, not degrees, looking for immediate value from new employees.” This is especially true in the fast-growing technology & healthcare sectors, where vocational schools and professional Certification Training centers have become realistic, fast-track alternative career paths for high school grads – as well as up to five times cheaper than a college degree. Combined with pandemic impacts and/or the ‘gap year’ option, university enrollments, which have steadily declined over the past decade, were down another 20% this past year and are struggling to adjust.  [FUTURISTSPEAKER – 3/4/21]

“In life, it’s important to know when to stop arguing with people and simply let them be wrong… A smart person knows what to say; a wise person knows whether to say it or not.”  Check out MANSCRIPTS – communication tips for men to best to avoid arguments with their ladies:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GD8TKkwd6AE


I looked and I read and found them splendid. Not one vicious word to make me offended.                                                                                             

The grammar was child-like, the rhymes quite plain. I did not see the reason to complain.                                                             

The pictures are whimsical and characters unique, I did not see the crime they speak.                                                                          

A cat in a hat, an elephant of blue, One fish, two fish, and even a Who.                                                                                             

A Grinch stealing Christmas with fictional villains. No complaints when Dr. Seuss made Hollywood millions.                                    

60 books to his name over 84 years, but now suddenly liberals whining and crying in tears.                                                                       

 With no life to enjoy they find Someone to blame, with bogus ‘racist’ accusations and objective to shame.                                                

Their goal is to hate which I do not condone. Go to Hell Snowflakes. Leave Dr. Seuss alone.      [INTERNET ANON]