• ‘INFLATION’ IS THE PRICE OF PRETTY MUCH EVERYTHING INCREASING, a relatively automatic result of “too much money chasing too few goods & services.” Current political strategy is focused on encouraging people to ‘stimulate’ the adverse effects of pandemic lockdown by spending at both personal consumption and government infrastructure levels. In the last year, Congress has legislated over $5 Trillion in extraordinary spending, and now proposes up to another $3 Trillion, under the rationale that Federal Reserve can simply “create new money through keystrokes, printing electronic dollars… no different than if you received a bank statement listing the amount of money in your checking account, didn’t like it, and so took a pen and added some zeroes… The danger of too much spending is that it doesn’t create productive goods or services; it just makes things cost more,” especially today as people are psychologically stoked to spend for enjoyment after the lockdown impacts. “Modern Monetary Theory is a trending philosophy where the sky is no longer the limit on spending,” and without concern for how and by whom the overdraft eventually gets paid.  [NEW YORK POST – 3/30/21]
  • “DEVELOPING & INCREASING BRAIN CELLS AND THEIR ABILITY TO FUNCTION can make a huge impact on consistency, accountability, efficiency, scaling up your business and improving quality of life.” A few practical ‘Mind Hack’ tips from a prominent life coach: (1) Get 7 – 8 hours sleep which allows the lymph system to detoxify all organs; (2) Begin & end each day reaffirming your Goals & Priorities out loud which guides your subconscious; (3) At start of tasks, breathe deeply thru nose and out mouth which increases blood flow for memory & clearer thinking; (4) Turn off electronics periodically and definitely before bedtime to promote sleep cycle; (5) Don’t eat junk food since sugar can impede dopamine level in your brain; (6) Try to get some sunlight each day for vitamin D which bodies don’t store; (7) Read something whenever you find the time for stimulation of ideas & vocabulary; (8) When a negative thought starts, distract yourself with pinch/smile/anything nearby/even a smile, any of which trigger flow of dopamine & serotonin to lift spirits.  [DEVELOPMENTAL EXCELERATIONS – 3/31/21]
  • 7 RADICAL NEW RULES WHICH ARE CHANGING AMERICA, as people without Common Sense passively let it happen: “(1) ‘Laws’ are not necessarily binding anymore, immigration laws effectively null & void, and arrests/ prosecutions/ trials now governed by the agendas of Leftist ideology; (2) Hypocrisy is irrelevant and virtue-signaling is alive, as social-justice warriors live in gated communities, multi-billionaire elites pose as victims of sexism/ racism/ homophobia, while destroying lives & careers for ‘incorrect’ thoughts, cancel culture and media censorship will somehow save society; (3) Ignorance is preferable to historical knowledge and ‘degrees’ only reflect credentials, while Wokeness and ‘the Brand’ (not what created it) is all that matters; Americans deserve relief from the stress of grades, testing or normative rules of school behavior; (4) Now forecasted million people entering the U.S. illegally are prioritized over citizens – exempt from quarantine/ social distancing/ or other superfluous Covid rules, and being schooled in districts closed to citizens’ children; (5) ‘Racialism’ is now acceptable & noncontroversial – as long as it’s against Whites, as ‘unspoken payback’ for perceived past sins of their ancestors; (6) Ignoring or perpetuating homelessness with defecating & injecting drugs on public streets, is preferable to funding housing, hospitalizing mentally ill, or creating public shelters; (7) ‘Money’ is a construct that can be created from thin air without deficits mattering or cascading Debt obligation which, anyway, helps force needed income redistribution.” [NATIONAL REVIEW – 4/1/21]
  • U.S. REAL ESTATE volume was down nearly 30% each for Multi-family and for Commercial properties – with over twenty-thousand retail store closures, double the number in 2019. 2021 recovery will be impacted not just by the ongoing coronavirus epidemic and housing availability but also proposed federal budget direction, likely increase in tax & interest rates and by increasing environmental focus & regulation.

             Joint Ventures transactions are often simply the coming together of someone with dollars and someone with experience who, six months later, find themselves in reverse position