• INTEREST ON U.S. GOVERNMENT DEBT now consumes 11% of Federal taxes and, when rates inevitably rise, could exceed 50%. Without massive tax increases or massive cuts in spending, the last option of “defaulting would crater the U.S. economy and set off an economic crisis unlike anything the world has ever seen” reports National Review.
  • A NEW TYPE OF BRAIN-MACHINE INTERFACE WILL SOON BE ABLE TO “READ OUT THE HUMAN BRAIN’S INTENTIONS to help predict movement & behavior using only ultrasound activity.” Developed by researchers at Caltech, the process uses only a “small ultrasound-transparent window implanted in the skull, with a level of detail approaching electrophysiology which is significantly less-invasive than required for implanting electrodes.”  [INTERESTING ENGINEERING – 3/23/21]
  • “REALITY IS THAT POWER DOES NOT NECESSARILY CORRUPT; IT’S THAT THE CORRUPT SEEK OUT POWER. Governments and mainstream institutions always lie, because psychopathic liars always and relentlessly overrun them… The common signs of psychopathy include complete lack of empathy, obsessive desire for dominance, use of physical or psychological violence to gain control over others, a narcissistic need to feel superior, and a habit of playing victim while victimizing others… The objective of today’s large numbers in politics & media is advent of a totalitarian culture in which psychotic behavior is rewarded and defended by those in authority or influence, while honesty, morality & liberty are punished. To gain control, they’ve chosen the cult of socialism, social justice, fake environmentalism and leftist ideology as their vehicles, with ‘gaslighting’ as their weapon – manipulating people into questioning their own sanity (a classic mainstay of communist regimes) … So, while every statistic supports the skepticism of government actions, inconsistent and hypocritical messaging, anyone who disagrees is called a racist or conspiracy theorist and a danger to society,” with Common Sense continuing to evaporate in American society. [ZEROHEDGE – 4/1/21] 
  • MOREOVER, TODAY’S PHENOMENON OF LABELING POLITICAL OPPONENTS (with smears like Racist/Nazi/White Supremist’) OR LYING OUTRIGHT about particular aspects of positions or state legislation they don’t like (e.g., voter integrity), “either because the smearer/ liar is stupid or thinks the majority of Americans are, is more sinister than just looking for props” to presumably justify media interest in their celebrity. It’s a “symptom of our gooey Establishment totally rejecting the notion of Reason & Argument, which they can’t prevail using and know it’s a lie; some of their audience does too, and neither care. Instead, the act of lying becomes a shared ritual of solidarity, substituting a perverted faith in socialist dogma for facts & evidence. It’s a relief for them to abandon reason – after all, it’s hard work defending an ideology that butchered 100 million people over the last century.” [TOWNHALL – 4/5/21]
  • STUPIDEST CORPORATE POLICY OF THE WEEK: An entire planeload of Spirit Airline passengers was forced to deplane in Orlando, when a male steward order a Jewish family – father, 7-months pregnant mother, 7-year old special needs kid, and 2-year old baby –  off the plane because the baby was “non-compliant with their mask requirement.” After neighboring passengers came to the family’s defense, police were called and all deplaned and delayed. Ultimately it was the steward who was ‘crew-changed.’  [RED STATE – 4/6/21]

            Office space now available is up 40% from last year, the highest amount since 2003, with rents down 13% nationwide and several percent higher in New York & San Francisco, reports the Wall Street Journal.

           The percentage of church/synagogue/mosque membership in America has dropped for the first time in eight decades below 50%, according to latest Gallup poll.