• WE ARE WITNESSING THE MOST PROFOUND REALIGNEMNT IN AMERICAN POLITICAL ECONOMY in nearly 40 years… as cross-partisan Americans want some of the biggest companies broken up, significantly higher minimum wages, a wealth tax on billionaires, and believe significantly more public investment is required to create economic growth… Many still distrust governments (some profoundly) but the vast majority know that capitalism is not the problem – it’s the variety of capitalism that’s been practiced and inconsistency in applying three pillars to a managed market: effective regulation, clear & fairly applied; public investment in public goods like roads/ airports/ transit/ schools/ solar panels; and for the state to buffer shocks & surprises…  Attitudes are now shifting on issues like cheap access to childcare, efficacy of massive student loan debt, and enforcing antitrust policies to rein in abuse of market power which precludes small businesses from competing… The challenge is shaping the new common sense into a practical program to deliver on new market promise.”  [TIME – 5/24/21]
  • RESIDENTIAL AND COMMERCIAL ROOFTOP SOLAR PANEL SYSTEMS are expected to majorly increase, now supported by Congress’ extension of a 26% federal tax credit on installation cost through 2022.  “America is blasted with 173 million gigawatts of solar energy each year from the sun – ten thousand times more than we need – but so far utilize less than 100 gigawatts of installed capacity (roughly 3% of total electricity generated) …Rooftop solar panels which collect & store energy are effectively mini-powerplants and, when battery-enabled, also provide ‘blackout proofing’ as well as delivering excess power back into the neighborhood or community grid.”  [FUTURISTSPEAKER – 5/13/21]
  • CONFIDENCE IN APPOINTING A TRUSTEE who executes your intentions, diligently but with capacity to meet the changing needs of beneficiaries as our society evolves, is a critical factor in Estate Planning. DCG have decades of experience serving clients in that role.
  • THOUGHTS FOR THE WEEK:   According to researchers and a study-published in the European Journal of Nutrition, lemons may “help with: weight loss/ insulin resistance/ body fat/ waist-hip ratio/ glycemic impact/ blood pressure/ and glucose concentration.”

         The frenzy in crypto-coins is “fueled by nothing more than fear of being left out. VeChain rallied 900% and Safecoin more than 20,000% in recent weeks, as new buyers from China piled in… Maybe the next winner is Ponzicoin.”  [THE WEEK – 5/21/21]

         ‘Wokism’ continues to run amuck. The London North Eastern Railway has issued a public apology to its passengers for using the greeting announcement “Good Afternoon ladies & gentlemen, boys and girls…” after complaint from a non-binary passenger who was “alarmed and uncomfortable by the lack of inclusion.”  Next up for non-inclusive calamity: Mom, Dad, Master’s Degree, Master Lock?