• NOTE TO PARENTS OF YOUTH: ‘Adolescence’ is the period during which a young person is developing into adulthood – in theory, the point where kids grow to behave in a manner demonstrating maturity, responsibility, independence & self-sufficiency. That process is influenced by genetics & chemistry, but predominantly by a myriad of social, cultural and educational factors.  Effective June 1, DCG will be offering ADOLESCENT TUTORING services to our Clients’ children aged 12 to 20, tailored to areas which parents deem most relevant to the child’s development, including:  – Language & Writing Skills, – Communication Skills, – Budgeting & Finance Awareness, – Strategies for School/ Work/ Life Balance, – Reality-based Expectations & Priorities Setting. Call Dennis for courtesy consultation[see https://duitchconsulting.com/credentials/  for credentialed expertise]
  • ‘DECISION FATIGUE’ is when a person becomes tired, gets mentally lazy, and “reverts to a ‘default’ option for whatever choice involves the least mental effort.” Since mental activity can also result in physical exhaustion, even short ‘breaks’ are actually good for productivity.  “Executives say that leaving the workplace is what recharges their mental batteries, and that best ideas often come when exercising, showering or commuting… Managers should be aware that what seems like ‘slacking’ is actually a good thing for maintaining productivity.”   [ECONOMIST – 5/29/21]
  • AS PARENTS ARE SLOWLY WAKING UP TO THE REALITY THAT INDOCTRINATION OF THEIR KIDS, starting kindergarten, is now priority for the Department of Education, the Biden Administration has re-allocated some $40 billion in Covid-19 Relief “funding (intended to help reopen K-12 schools and mitigate learning loss) now instead to interventions responding to ‘Whiteness’ and propagation of Critical Race Theory ideology… The new ‘Roadmap to Reopening’ endorses ‘Antiracist Therapy for White Educators & Support Staff’ and ‘Radical Self/Collective Care & Therapy for those of Color.” Despite the illegality of these dictums (under Title VI of the Civil Rights Act), the appointed Secretary of Education has insisted that “we need teachers behind this wave of our curriculum being woke.”  [CITY JOURNAL – 5/25/21]   
  • MEANWHILE, NEARLY 75% OF AMERICANS POLLED “are somewhat or strongly opposed to White Privilege training” – the engine of the today’s woke train. California’s state ‘Pathway to Math Instruction’ considers “measurement of errors, getting the right answer and/or requiring students to show their work” to now be application of Racism; same for SAT or ACT examination scores as being university admission requirements “because Black & Hispanic students did not benefit from the objective texts.” An even stupider example is Disney’s mandate for employee trainings on “systemic racism, white privilege, white fragility & white saviors, along with launching racially segregated Affinity Groups, (although the internal portal was removed after five days of ‘significant backlash’ from the public)… CRT: Critical Race Theory or Crazy Radical Tantrums.”  [AMERICAN GREATNESS – 5/26/21]   
  • Five decades ago, Newsweek published a forecast about how the earth was cooling and headed for re-glaciation, and doomsday climate-cultists predicted that the Arctic Ice Cap would melt away by 2013. Today they scream that, instead,  the entire earth is heating upwards (a natural process) by some 1.5 degrees Celsius (nearly 35 degrees Fahrenheit), mostly the fault of humans. “When CBS News Climate guru, Jeff Barardelli, was pressed on the figure and how they came up with it, he merely said ‘it’s just the number they decided to go with right now.”

              “Experience is not what happens to a man, it is what a man does with what happens to him.” – Aldous Huxley