• IMPORTANT:  IF YOU USE AMAZON ECHO OR ANY OTHER AMAZON DEVICE, starting next week your info will be automatically shared with neighbors for better connectivity. ‘Sidewalk’ is Amazon’s new wireless service that shares bandwidth from all Devices – including Alexa/ Echo/ Ring/ Security cams/ Outdoor lights/ Motion sensors/ Tile trackers/ and eventually diagnostics for appliances & tools. “Amazon has published a comprehensive White Paper detailing privacy & security protection, but wireless technologies (like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth) have a checkered history of being insecure.” So, customers who are uncomfortable being guinea pigs have until June 18 to opt-out via the Alexa app.  [ARS TECHNICA – 5/29/21]
  • “THE ROAD TO SUCCESS, IN POLICY OR POLITICS, lies in addressing the real needs, in varied places, in increasingly diverse America, not the imaginary needs of a republic that doesn’t exist.” The Transportation Dep’t plan to allocate 60% of its $275 billion ‘Infrastructure’ budget to urban rails & subways, versus modernizing roads & bridges, is a public-policy objective completely out of synch with realities. Facts are: (1) For 50 years, this objective has been “spectacularly unsuccessful, as transits share of daily commuting dropped some 44%, and working at home exceeded those riding transit even before Covid; (2) Even in the few municipalities like NY or Chicago, downtown jobs represent on 6% of the country’s jobs, and only 2% can be reached within 30 minutes; (3) of 23 completed rail systems, both commute time and percentage of drivers increased; (4) In Los Angeles, after spending $20 billion for urban rail lines since 1985, while population increased by millions, ridership has dropped by a quarter; (5) The main justification – substantially reducing emissions – is “far from certain plus 140% increased cost of removal” according to Oxford University research. “Those in the federal stratosphere, with a myopic sense of geography” are out of synch with Americans’ needs.  [NATIONAL REVIEW – 5/27/21]
  • “FANCY SLOGANS ABOUT NOT WASTING CRISES, TEACHABLE MOMENTS AND RESETS DEFY COMMON SENSE” – like  Obama’s ‘not being nervous about U.S. debt 30 years form now,’ or Newsom’s ‘reimagining a progressive era as it pertains to capitalism,’ or Hillary’s ‘this would be a terrible crisis to waste.’  If Americans tried progressive economics with their family budgets, they would go broke or go to jail after piling up unpaid debts… While many members of the left-wing elite became wealthy by monetizing their political careers through lucrative insider networking, a cynic might conclude they didn’t go full ‘reset’ until they first got filthy rich – allowing them not to live, think, like or listen to the rest of us… Massive borrowing, along with increasing government powers, restrictions & freedoms, higher taxes, and more regulations do not appeal to most Americans.”  [VICTOR DAVIS HANSON – 6/2/21]
  • “GUN OWNERS ARE AN EXCLUSIVE CLUB WHERE ONLY WHITE MEN CAN PARTICIPATE” is the liberal narrative supporting gun ‘Control.’  However, the NY Times reports that, of some 23 million guns sold last year, one-in-five were sold to first time buyers – 50% women, 20% Hispanics and 20% Black. Since ammunition manufacturers were overwhelmed, there is now a major backlog for availability, particularly 9MM and .223 shells, of at least 18 and possibly 30 months.  [TOWNHALL – 6/1/21]

     The Green New Dealers’ agenda is not only stupid but dangerous. Beyond the economic impact to our country, their agenda would make U.S. citizens ultimately subservient to the ‘vote’ of EU and other world powers – every self-important diplomat or world leader in Brussels or Berlin or possibly Beijing. And the Leftist Activists make it no secret that the Climate Change agenda leads down that road. To those American supporters: Just THINK about this!