• “VIRTUAL FATIGUE AND BURNOUT ARE REAL.” Studies from Stanford Research and Microsoft’s Human Factors Lab have found that virtual fatigue begins to set in roughly 30 minutes of meeting, that over half of workers spend their own money on tools to help manage productivity, that one-in seven women and one-in twenty men report ‘very’ to ‘extreme’ fatigue after Zoom calls, and up a third say “message overload may lead them to quit their jobs… Chronic work pressure creates roadblock to relaxation, productivity, disconnect from self & surroundings, and keeps our stress needle elevated… The antidotes to fatigue are simply reducing meeting time by 5 -15 minutes, and by taking short breaks which allow people to recharge, reset and be more productive.”  [THRIVE GLOBAL – 5/22/21]
  • “A SIGNIFICANT MIDDLE CLASS AND WIDE-RANGING INTELLECTUAL REBELLION IS GAINING STEAM against the Biden Agenda, for the following reasons: (1) Driving an ‘America is Systemically Racist’ message with only 8% of the electorate being Progressives; (2) Over 75% of all Americans (including large majorities of millennials & racial minorities) disapproving of diversity hiring/ racial quotas/ affirmative actions – especially in college admissions; (3) Driving ‘Climate is a primary crisis’ despite scientific evidence to the contrary and a Gallup poll finding barely 3% concurrence by registered voters, with priority for massive electrification which is likely to accelerate energy prices long after stimulus checks stop coming; (4) Driving Censorship & Cancel Culture for arbitrary Political Correctness; (5) Loss of Border control and impact of illegal Immigration on economics, health & welfare systems, drug & human trafficking, urban crime & homelessness in many communities across the country; (6) Driving a takeover of public education, especially injection of Critical Race Theory into curriculum as early as elementary level.”  [NEWSWEEK – 6/3/21]
  • COMMERCIAL PROPERTY FORECASTS ARE INCREASINGLY CONCERNING. Last month, only one-in-twenty buildings across the country had occupancy levels above 10% and, as remote working sticks, demand is unlikely rebound fully, while “a tilt toward newer buildings with better facilities and greener workspace – including expensive energy efficiency & air filtration systems” – can dramatically impact building rental income, operating costs and corresponding Valuation. This industry uncertainty also portends risk for the bank mortgaging system and financial stability of commercial property investors.  [ECONOMIST – 6/5/21]
  • “GOVERNMENT TASK FORCES & SPECIAL COMMITTEES are the perfect vehicles to make it appear that it’s doing something, while accomplishing nothing. This has been one of the hallmarks of the Newsom Administration… The ‘Future of Work Commission,’ stuffed with Union officials, donors & special interests, took two years to declare the need for a ‘social contract’ to address income inequities and support green technology… Another, the ‘Truth & Healing Commission’ is still addressing the evils done to Native American communities in the state… And last week, after two-years study, his ‘Racial Inequalities Task Force’ (comprised of now-prominent descendants of slaves) recommended: (a) Writing an apology to Black Californians for all the things white men have done to them; and reparations in the form of (b) Offering free tuition to Cal State University; and (c) Fostering black home ownership with a $200M program to have the state pay for & own 45% of first-home ownership and low-income Californians.”   [RED STATE – 6/5/21]

       “There is no ‘safe’ level of drinking alcohol, whether beer, wine or liquor. University of Oxford researchers found that drinking has a clear effect on ‘gray matter’ which damages important regions of the brain where info gets processed, to a degree four times greater than smoking.”

       “The compliant legacy media and woke academia have made it almost impossible to discuss the Second Amendment and most other subjects, for they’ve corrupted sensible, rational thinkig, education, revised history, ignored reality and law, and inverted the meaning of words.” – https://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2021/06/_we_can_have_an_intelligent_conversation_about_guns.html