• “CLIMATE ALARMISM IS POWERFUL because it has emerged as the alternative religion for supposedly secular people, providing many of the same psychological benefits as traditional faith… Elites have used it to justify efforts to control food & energy policies in their home nations and around the world for decades, blaming virtually every disaster on ‘global warming’ based on pseudoscientific theories, scientific consensus (an oxymoron), governmental actions & boondoggles, hysteria blended with leftist politics & socialism …and by r`abidly hyping the bogus narrative that climate change is an imminent ‘existential threat’ to mankind – an urgent and impending crisis (like sea levels ‘rising’ although best estimates are rising under 1/8 inch per year, much less than daily tides)… It’s all about power and promotion of left-wing agendas, by the same species which have been championing the draconian lockdowns & mask authoritarianism across the world regardless of consequence, by twisting ‘the science’ to support cynical theories & plans without tolerating dissent, and with solutions requiring loss of personal & economic freedoms by empowering government control over virtually everything… There is NO need to remove national boundaries, form a global government, divert monies from economic or infrastructure development and/or abandon capitalism to ‘save the entire world by 2030’ from a coming apocalypse.”  [RED STATE – 6/26/21]
  • CYBERSECURITY TIPS: Beyond using a virus protection program, a few simple steps to identify questionable websites which risk data loss and/or downloading malware: (1) Read URLs carefully, looking for misspelling or ambiguous characters with domains similar to others; ‘type-squatting’ examples could be gooogle.com or facebo0k.com; (2) Use online tools to confirm, like ‘transparencysupport.com’ or ‘virustotal.com’; (3) Google search for the domain’s official contact info and call that number to confirm; (4) Check for validation of the SSL/TLS Certificate issued from a trusted organization by clicking on the address bar padlock icon. For more comprehensive detail, see: [WELIVESECURITYCOM – 6/23/21]
  • “DESPITE THERE BEING NO SCIENCE EXISTING BEHIND THE IDEA THAT SMALL LOCAL BUSINESSES were inherently more unsafe to operate than Walmart, Amazon or other mega-rich corporations (deemed ‘essential’ during the pandemic so allowed to stay open), thousands of small businesses were crushed… Politicians & bureaucrats shut down most of the competition by force of law, without even attempting to justify those actions with evidence, and those who benefited, as always when big government gets involved, were billionaires and big business… The capitalist system is hopelessly perverted to ‘crony capitalism’ by a cycle of government intervention made at the behest of special interests, effectively choosing winners & losers at behest of the mega-rich… The message which working-class conservatives could embrace would involve making the system fair for the full spectrum of those affected, including those who aren’t privileged enough to have their Senator’s private number saved in their phone.”  [RED STATE 6/21/21]
  • WOKIST ABSURDITY OF THE MONTH: PhDs from University of Sheffield believe that it could be “hate speech to say that lives of a non-human species matter less than a native one, and that ‘speciest’ hate speech is as bad as racism – that cats, dogs, farm animals, even seagulls should be safeguarded.”  [LBN EXAMINER – 6/27/21]

Perspective  from top comedians: “If people can’t control their own emotions, then they have to start trying to control other people’s behavior… Political Correctness is nonsense – people believing they have a right to never be offended their whole life.”  https://biggeekdad.com/2020/06/the-wisdom-of-comedians/

Perspective from Victor Davis Hanson: “We should not allow a current affluent, leisured and pampered generation to hijack the past, and damn it to perdition. They have not earned the right to cancel those of the past who won Gettysburg, or built the Hoover dam, or produced a Liberty ship every week.”