• THE FTC DATABASE WHICH TRACKS FRAUD REPORTS showed 4.8 million last year, a 43% increase in mostly identity theft/ forged benefit apps & other docs/ online shopping fraud/ malware/ timeshare scams/ spam & junk texts. However, a few categories actually decreased, including bogus tech support/ debt collectors/ sweepstakes agencies/ and government imposters. Other indices also showed surprising reduction in stolen goods and illegal drugs – other than fentanyl which was up 135%. [BLOOMBERG – 7/5/21]
  • PARTISAN ELECTION BATTLES ARE FAR MORE WORRY THAN VOTER SUPPRESSION. Election ‘reform’ is being characterized bogusly as protection of peoples’ Rights, but are in reality pure battles for political party power, being waged on effectively three fronts – about: (1) Making voting more or less difficult via mail-in balloting, pre & post-election day time limits, I.D. requirements, polling location hours, drop boxes, ballot harvesting, poll monitors; (2) Controlling procedures & administration via limiting responsibilities & powers of State Secretaries and/or partisan appointees & workers versus State Legislators; (3) Seizing power to intervene and overturn election results in order to change vote outcome. What a mess.  [AMERICAN PROSPECT – 7/2/21]
  • THE POST-PANDEMIC WORLD WILL BE A DIFFERENT PLACE, as businesses, schools, social & sporting events re-open, and people who have “abnormalized their behavior” for well over a year begin to re-integrate with society and changed processes & procedures – with or without vaccinations/ masks/ social distancing. A few realities to remember: (1) “Some will be ‘gun shy’ about touching and take time to progress from a head nod to fist bump to hug. Don’t be overly aggressive physically until you’ve read the comfort level of others; (2) It will take a while (if ever) for energy, camaraderie & casualness that existed in meetings to return. Personal coping/thriving strategies need to come from within and not from others, especially the office coffee klatch or water cooler gang; (3) Being ‘present’ and pausing to process what’s going on around you, as feelings, attitudes, biases & actions change, will best avoid quick judgments or decisions that lead to less optimal outcomes.”   [DEVELOPMENTAL EXCELERATIONS – 7/1/21]
  • MOST BUSINESSES, LARGE OR SMALL, WILL NOW BE FACED WITH NEW CHALLENGES of forecasting both financial & non-financial risks and opportunities, as some semblance of normal returns, and the relevance of independent perspective from professional advisors has seldom been more critical. Beyond conventional risks, companies now face unprecedented need for cybersecurity, with focus on Diversity/ Inclusion/ Environment/ Reputational risks in this era of Cancel Culture – all adding substantial layers of uncertainty and conflicts to optimizing business productivity, profitability & stability. DCG have decades of experience & expertise in strategic direction, planning & execution. Call us for courtesy consultation in planning ahead to best ensure your reality check doesn’t bounce.

        “Creativity stems from acceptance of the reality that energy is blocked by either past events or by future fears… Today’s thoughts are the creation of our mind, and are what build our life of tomorrow… The only real way to deal with the future is focus on where you want to go, instead of where you’re coming from.”  – Sage folklore

         “There has never been a single tweet that couldn’t be replaced with ‘Please Authenticate My Existence.’”

         The war on Common Sense:  https://townhall.com/columnists/terrypaulson/2021/07/05/a-leftist-war-on-common-sense-n2591993?utm_source=thdailypm&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=nl&newsletterad=07/05/2021&bcid=be9796dd8b3cfc7f2a550c6bec436c84&recip=22775740