• Maintaining stability is now a matter of continuous attention, learning and flexible response as circumstances evolve. While economic & political changes are still uncertain, the historical model of organizational decision-making is still important – where leaders collectively decide on annual strategies, budgets & tactics, and then manage operations between (typically quarterly) cycles in accordance with those goals and guidelines, versus ‘crisis-mode’ response;
  • Consider taking advantage of DCG courtesy programs to clients and professional firms in two critical areas: (1) Effective Strategic Planning – focused on developing Goals, Objectives & Priorities which optimize productivity, profitability & stability by minimizing risk; (2) Working Smarter, Not Harder – focused on optimizing personal efficiency & effectiveness, critical factors impacting job satisfaction, life balance, and motivating team performance
  • HOME COMPUTERS ARE VULNERABLE TO MALISCIOUS ATTACKERS USING PUBLICALLY AVAILABLE PASSWORDS. Research of nearly 10,000 routers found over a dozen popular home network models sold on Amazon alone, with Default Administrative Passwords “allowed access to the router’s administrative panel, threatening risk of: (1) Hijacking the domain name system to enable malware downloads or redirection to malicious sites; (2) Monitoring of everything online for every connected device, as well as and any unencrypted data sent; (3) Using the router as a proxy to download pirated content, visit illicit sites or access illegal material –for which the owner also remains liable… Changing the router’s admin password is now critical to your home’s cybersecurity.” Access details are at
  • LATEST FAKE PHISHING EMAILS SAY THEY’RE FROM AMAZON or other online shopping markets. Scammer emails take various forms – impersonating customer service dispatchers, relating to orders/ shipments/ lost packages/ account profiles/ payments/ gift cards and anything else to get your attention for click-back with personal info and/or to allow malware intrusion. Similarly, fake support calls often sounding like a pre-recorded message try to get victims to press ‘1’ or call back a bogus number. “When it comes to online shopping & related activities, the saying ‘Trust But Verify’ is crucial, and most scams are avoidable by remaining vigilant and never divulging personal sensitive info to anyone claiming to be Customer Support Representative or Agent.” [WE LIVE SECURITY – 7/30/21]
  • OUCH, BUT THE NEWEST MALE BIRTH CONTROL EXPERIMENT HAS BEEN EFFECTIVE in stopping sperm production for 60 days, with full return to normal reproductive health. Testing (though so far conducted only on mice) involves testicle injection with magnetic nanomaterials which get heated several degrees above body temp, supposedly not too unpleasant, and return to fathering of full litters. [NEOSCOPE – 7/28/21]  
  • THOUGHTS FOR THE WEEK:  “In life, it’s important to know when to stop arguing with people and simply let them be wrong… A smart person knows what to say; a wise person knows whether to say it or not.” 

             Bill Maher’s thoughts on the complete absurdity of today’s Wokeness & Cancel Culture:

Scientific signs that babies are definitely White Supremists: