• THE CRYPTOCURRENCY MARKET VALUE FOR DIGITAL TOKENS, WHICH NOW EXCEEDS $100 BILLION, was rocked last week by a $600 million hack – but all of which was returned, after “a slew of crypto experts & businesses pledged to track the hacker’s activity on the blockchain.” His identity remains unknown but the hacker claims he was only “hacking ‘for good’ and infiltrated the network to expose its vulnerability.” Prior to a 50% ‘crash’ in May, the crypto marked value peaked at around $150 billion.  [FORBES – 8/12/21]
  • “THE NONSENSE OF WOKENESS IS LEADING TO AN AMERICAN APOCALYPSE… The ideology now warps everyone’s daily life and is following a trajectory to self-inflicted systemic paralysis, with all classes & races starting to fear their families’ safety and the American way of life… While most still integrate, assimilate and intermarry, the current woke revolution is an elite, top-down effort to smear a self-critical and always improving nation as some sort of contemporary racist hellhole which, under the fad of Critical Race Theory (where skin color is deemed essential to who we are) has led to nothing but distrust & anger among people of all colors… Combined with the demand of ‘equity’’ for all and zero effort to stop millions of people from illegally crossing the border (plus many infected with the Covid virus), we’re experiencing a real-life example of nonsensical left-wing groupthink with disdain for the American people. [VICTOR DAVIS HANSON – TRIBUNE MEDIA – 8/14/21]
  • “A GREENER ALTERNATIVE TO BURIAL OR CREMATION BY FIRE OR WATER, in order to reduce carbon emissions into the atmosphere, is now under consideration by the California Legislature. The Natural Organic Reduction Bill (AB501) would foster ‘gentle transformation’ into a nutrient-dense soil that can then be returned to families or donated to approved conservation land – a more environmentally friendly option” effective in 2023. [LOS ANGELES MAGAZINE – 8/10/21]
  • “IRONIC, ISN’T IT, THAT AMERICA FOUGHT THE DEADLIEST WAR OF HUMAN HISTORY to rid the world of Fascism, which is fundamentally cohesive to Socialism – the repression & elimination of dissent to ‘The Party’ singular school of thought. History has shown that full adoption of Socialism has, in almost every instance, resulted in an oppressive & murderous authoritarian regime (Soviet Union/ China/ Cuba/ Cambodia/ Vietnam/ North Korea/ Nazi Germany), with complete intolerance of any diverging opinions or beliefs… In America, cancel culture, censorship and social media’s growing role to further socialist aims by inundating users with progressive values now keeps individuals from considering all pertinent information – not only condescending & insulting to our intelligence, but engendering a significant degree of mind control… We are significantly closer to an ideologically totalitarian state than most are willing to admit.”  [HEARTLAND INSTITUTE – 8/13/21]
  • THOUGHTS FOR THE WEEK: 10 universal myths that people just believe: https://biggeekdad.com/2016/01/10-myths-people-still-believe/c  

   “In mindlessly embracing a politics of ‘cultural revolution,’ the Left has played into the hands of corporations exploiting a radicalism that equates liberation with hedonistic self-indulgence and freedom from family ties, the people who cling to family life, religion, work ethic, and other outmoded values & institutions as the only source of stability in an otherwise precarious existence.”  [CHRISTOPHER LASCH – in 1991]

   “No matter how you write the rules, there’s going to be an elite who win the game… but America’s founders never intended for rule by bureaucrats, no matter what their intention or resume… The Covid virus fiasco evolved from political tribalism in a government elite/ media consensus.”  [FOX NEWS VIDEO]  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xIDI2p5Pyn8