• MULTI-TASKING CAN ADVERSELY AFFECT PRODUCTIVITY. “Trying to do multiple things simultaneously, like calls or messaging while reviewing or editing reports, usually results in busywork, causing mental overload and reducing efficiency. ‘Parallel processing’ doesn’t exist, since our brains are simply not designed for it. Instead, they switch back & forth from task to task filtering out what’s not relevant, so by focusing more intently on only one thing at a time, we can more fully comprehend what we’re doing, including the all-but-important and often overlooked details.” Strategies for optimizing efficiency include: (1) Focus on single, smaller and clearly defined tasks; (2) Working in blocks of time, with breaks to relax the brain and reduce stress; (3) Removing distractions like phones, email, post-it notes; (4) Setting realistic deadlines; (5) Avoiding interruption to thinking time with lower-impact tasks, like filling out forms or signing papers; and (6) Utilizing Time Management techniques which DCG can assist you with.  [SMARTBRIEF – 9/8/21]
  • “BEING A COMMITTEE ‘CHAIR’ IS PERHAPS THE MOST THANKLESS JOB in corporate or organizational governance – a virtually endless list of to-do and not-to-do steps, requiring ability to manage personal emotions/ communicate effectively/ empathize with others/ overcome adversity/ defuse conflict/ respect confidences/ and maintain a ‘keep calm & carry on’ attitude without ever losing sight of the common goals.” Effective Committee Chairs do not: (1) assume everyone is ever on the same page; (2) State personal positions at the onset of discussions; (3) Dismiss what others have to say or stifle deliberations; (4) Allow meetings to start or stop beyond agenda timeline, become unproductive or get off track. DCG can facilitate effectiveness. [CORPORATE BOARD MEMBER – 9/10/21]
  • REMOTE WORK HAS CREATED A “TICKING TIME BOMB FOR CYBERSECURITY INCIDENTS.”  The newest global survey of IT-decision-makers found that “security has taken a backseat to the need for business continuity, with younger workers in particular circumventing existing controls in order to manage their workload – nearly half saying that security tools are a hindrance & time waste, and nearly a third admitting they’ve attempted to bypass. Some 80% of IT teams experienced backlash from home users because of restrictive policies and say the blurred lines between home & work-life make enforcement ‘impossible,’ while seeing increased volume/ velocity/ severity of attacks.”   DCG provides courtesy consultation to management in strategic & financial planning to mitigate risk. [ZD NET – 9/9/21]
  • WOKEISM’S LATEST ABSURDITY AND STUPIDITY: The country’s National Archives & Records, which houses millions of the permanent U.S. federal government documents including the Constitution, Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights, “might be harmful or difficult for some users to view. So, a ‘potentially harmful content alert’ now appears above the entire online catalog… A nameless, faceless bureaucracy not only believes it has the constitutional right to determine what constitutes ‘biased, offensive, and possibly violent views & opinions,’ but also that it is qualified to establish standards and policies to prevent future harmful languages… The National Archives Task Force further claims that the Archives rotunda, which houses the Founding Documents, is an example of ‘structural racism’… Left-wingers are impervious to facts, data, history, logic and common sense.”  [RED STATE – 9/8/21]
  • THOUGHTS FOR THE WEEK: David Blaine ‘magic’ is incomprehensible. https://biggeekdad.com/2020/08/margot-robbie-magic/

     “Most people of sound judgment have concluded that any time mouths move among the members of Congress (or the Executive Branch), they are either eating or lying, sometimes both simultaneously. Uttering lies is one of those sanctions processed by the autonomous part of the brain, like breathing. Even when caught in a falsehood, it is thought to be a social lapse no worse than passing gas during a dramatic pause at the opera.” – author Steve Martini

     The current ‘Budget Reconciliation’ battle in Congress is over additional $3.5 trillion spending (above $1.5 trillion agreed ‘Infrastructure’ funding, being held hostage), but also over proposed provisions which reward illegal immigration by (1) granting amnesty to nearly 8 million illegals, and (2) giving ‘Congressional Authority’ to determine permanent resident status for other current & future illegals to the Sec’y of Homeland Security.