• DISRUPTION OF ANY MARKET FOR PRODUCT OR SERVICES, by delivering greater efficiency, effectiveness & cost reduction, is now the risk which any businesses faces from Digitized Information (anything which can be represented in ones & zeros, making it easy to share, distribute & access). The capacity of most people to receive info on a small handheld device (which has replaced separate physical products including radio/ camera/ GPS/ video/ telephones/ maps) at minimal cost, also now allows nearly instantaneous decision-making by customers & clients. Strategic planning to protect any business has never been more critical. DCG have decades of experience & expertise in optimizing resources and strategies for productivity, profitability, stability, and valuation. Let us help protect your business.
  • ‘COGNITIVE BIASES’ RESULT FROM OUR BRAINS TAKING ‘SHORTCUTS’ in analyzing the flood of constant input. For optimal, consistent and realistic decision-making and communication, awareness of the most prominent biases is key: “(1) Confirmation Bias – tendency to listen more often to input that confirms & reinforces existing beliefs;  (2) Negative Bias – giving more attention & weight to negative data (our evolutionary ‘early warning system’);  (3) Anchoring Bias – over-influence by the first piece of info we hear, which becomes the anchoring point of further discussion;  (4) Recency Bias – giving greater weight to the last data heard;  (5) Familiarity Bias – greater credence given to input from people who look/dress in a similar socioeconomic or cultural bracket; (6) Self-Serving Bias – giving oneself credit for successes but tendency to blame others for failures.”  [PETER DIAMANDIS – 9/29/21]
  • CRITICAL RACE THEORY (CRT) UPDATE:  The NEA first posted & distributed its Racial Justice in Education Resource Guide in 2018, described as “honest history examining how today’s racial inequality is a systemic legacy” in America. Since then, the American Federation of Teachers and multiple national organizations, “along with their activist minions in the classroom, have relied on the fact that there is safety in numbers on their side, peddling propaganda at their conventions & training sessions, and enlisting some 7,500 teachers to ‘pledge commitment’ to teaching CRT whether parents want it or not… Currently, as parents have stormed School Board meetings, organized campaigns to replace Board members, and suddenly paid attention to what their children are being taught so they can (try to) undo that damage at home, over half the State Legislatures are in process of trying to ban CRT curriculum.”  [FREEDOM FOUNDATION – 9/29/21]
  • A WEEK AFTER THE MINNEAPOLIS/ FLOYD DEBACLE, A UCLA PROFESSOR REFUSED STUDENT DEMANDS to “grade black students more leniently.”  Next: (1) They circulated a petition which got 20K signatures; (2) The administration suspended him, placed him on leave and threated termination; (3) He received numerous threatening voice & emails, including: “You are a typical bigoted, prejudiced and racist dirty, filthy, crooked, arrogant Jew kike mother f**ker! Too bad Hitler and the Nazis are not around to give you a much-needed Zyklon B Shower”; (4) His outside consulting engagements with corporations & law firms were canceled.  The professor has now sued University of California system on grounds of “government-sponsored autocrats violating constitutional mandates.”  [TOWNHALL – 10/2/21] 

        “Ecstasy is not the supreme heights of joy nor the violent depths of despondency, but rather the phenomenon of transcendence, often through an indiscriminate combination of extremes…  In 1933, the Depression-era dreamboat Hedy Lamar was featured with the first-ever female orgasm in mainstream cinema and, by the 1990s, the word came to refer to the rapture-inducing party drug made popular by well-meaning club kids seeking community in electronic music and getting high… Now Ecstasy is perceived as the endless pursuit and active hunt to separate the self from the self, through religion, music, sex, or through getting high.” – ARTSY