• “VIOLENT CRIME IS NEVER FAR BEHIND DISORDER ON THE STREETS, and West Coast cities now lead the nation in ‘smash-and-grab’ thieves.”  Reasons are consistent and simple: ‘Progressive’ prosecutors limiting arrest, incarceration or punishment for shoplifters, looters, even organized thieves; and Policies encouraging immigration & sanctuary, including “unruly, occasionally violent, homeless encampments which have also (in Los Angeles) spawned medieval diseases such as typhus… Left-wing policies have been a disaster in America’s most liberal ‘enlightened’ cities.” [UNHERD.COM/THE-POST – 12/7/21]
  • THE ‘EXCHANGE RATE’ for U.S. dollars is related to Demand compared to currencies of our six most significant trading partner countries, which for decades has been highest, with U.S. dollars “generally seen as safest in the world.”  As such, foreigners are willing to accept a lower interest rate (up to 1% less) and, since Treasury bonds have a fixed rate, the dollar Price Index has consistently increased during periods of stability, in return for perceived “liquidity, convenience & peace of mind.”  During the past year, the dollar’s ‘value’ has risen nearly 9% and, as disconcerting as our economic outlook may be, continues to lead the world. But international pressure for basing world currency on a ‘Basket’ of countries continues to build, especially in light of current political policies which most feel are feeding international inflation.  [KELLOGG INSIGHT – 11/1/21]
  • WOKEISM UPDATE:  Higher education “once meant to inculcate knowledge and prepare students for industry, now forges sensitive & superior citizens.” Columbia University now informs students that: (1) asking for and using correct pronouns (he/him/she/her/hers/they/them/theirs/ze/zim/ze-hir/per/pers/ey/em) is “a way to respect an Inclusive environment with big impact on a person’s mental health & well-being”; (2) conformity with its non-discrimination policy is mandatory; and (3) intentionally “misgendering someone by refusing to use their correct pronouns is a violation,” providing instructions on how to report an incident… So, speak carefully, or be turned in by your (soon-to-be-former?) friends.”  [RED STATE – 12/7/21]
  • “CHINA HAS LEAPFROGGED THE U.S. as the world’s top producer of digital information – now the most consequential and contested geopolitical resource… While American politicians hem & haw about picking winners and losers, the Chinese government offers generous subsidies and other incentives to jump-start growth in artificial intelligence, via computing power and digital data which trains the AI algorithms… Their developers have a proliferation of online-to-offline services (like ride-hailing, bike-sharing, food delivery), adoption of mobile payment technology, from many functions contained in a single app (like WeChat), and mandatory company sharing with National Intelligence – unlike the pesky ‘privacy protections’ cherished in Western societies… Most tech firms are racing to integrate AI into their products, projections & business models, but China, Russia and other autocracies may wield an AI advantage in global cyberwars, as ‘Artificial Intelligence is the future for all humankind; whoever becomes the leader in this sphere will become the ruler of the world,’ according to Vladimir Putin.”  [BIG THINK – 11/17/21]

     Notwithstanding the Freedom-of-Information Act requiring government transparency to ‘make records promptly available,’ FDA has now asked a judge for 75 years to produce data related to Pfizer Covid Vaccine, for independent review by outside scientists. Bizarre, particularly since the FDA took only 108 days to review and approve the Vaccine – a liability-free product which the federal government requires nearly all Americans to take, or face loss of business access, and for many job termination.

     Warning signs of a Stroke: Sudden body numbness, loss of balance or coordination; blurred or lost vision; slurred speech; difficult swallowing; lightheadedness. Confirmation that immediate medical attention is needed: Inability to smile; say or repeat a simple sentence; raise arms above the head; stick tongue strait out.