• “‘DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION’ HAS BECOME AN IMPERATIVE AND CRITICAL FACTOR for almost every type and size of organization, to some degree: interface with business partners & vendors, meeting expectations of employees (in hiring/ incentivizing/ training/ retaining), as well as marketing/ retention of customers or clients. As technology so rapidly changes, businesses increasingly require digital strategies & processes which are immersive and efficient. Some transformations are more visible, like selling online or providing services through an app, but principal transformation also usually happens behind the scenes – like optimally enabling out-of-office workers, simplifying inventory procurement & warehousing, modifying financial models & forecasts – which DCG have decades of experience in most effectively implementing. Call us for courtesy consult. [ARMANINO – 9/1/21]
  •  BETWEEN THE PANDEMIC, ACTIVISTS, JOURNALISTS AND THE EASILY OFFENDED, ‘CANCEL CULTURE’ FOCUSES ON PEOPLE – anything involving human contact… It’s a shame that the opportunity to Cancel has been missed for so much really useless stuff:  like increasingly irrelevant zoom parties, ‘Winner of the Year’ titles, car alarms, daylight time clock changes, motorbikes with loud exhausts, humongous SUVS & personal trucks on the streets, the World Economic Forum, the Olympic Games… and especially the social media policies of Facebook/ Twitter/ YouTube which exacerbate political polarization, enable spread of damaging misinformation, weaken the foundations of liberal democracy, and which should, by rights, all be Cancelled… However, since these services provide the platforms upon which any successful Cancel Campaign depends, to cancel them would be to cancel cancellation itself.”  [ECONOMIST – WORLD AHEAD IN 2022] 
  •  “IT’S EASIER TO BELIEVE PEOPLE ARE NATURALLY GOOD IF YOU’VE LED A SHELTERED LIFE, and wealthy liberals for some reason feel more compassion for those committing crimes than for their victims, believing in a form of ‘progress’ that ignores human nature and social reality… The fact is that loudest advocates for leniency towards criminals are those who have the least contact with crime, but are the most enthusiastic proponents of reforms that reduce safety of the average American… Meanwhile, smash-and-grab is fast becoming a way of life, a rampant daily occurrence in California, a result of liberal campaigns to defund police, eliminate policies like stop-&-search/ three-strikes/ no bail, and decriminalization of certain crimes (like shoplifting) …It’s getting to be like the movie Purge – but instead of 24-hours to commit crimes, people have 365 days to commit whatever they want.” [UNHERD – 12/13/21]
  •  PROMOTION OF SUICIDE BOMBINGS SEEMS COUNTERINTUITIVE to Afghanistan’s stabilization, free-falling economy, and negotiation with other countries. But the Taliban continue to embrace and encourage this tactic “for deeper strategic & social purposes: (1) Ensuring their armed units’ capabilities ‘just in case’; (2) Glorifying the tactic as a unifying factor in the power struggle among different factions; (3) Achieving social-psychological conditioning to acceptance of violence as the End in itself (in terms of Earthly existence) rather than the Means – i.e., seeking martyrdom which exhorts members to renounce the illusive Love of life on earth, and instead embrace Death which is eternal and the True reality… Maintaining this conditioning is instrumental for the Taliban to keep their suicide bombing enterprise growing (with arsenal of vests, car bombs, explosive devices, and willing-sacrifice members) for potential domestic, regional or global purposes, and to systematically numb society toward inflicted dogmas, despair, repression, barbarity and violence.” [FOREIGN POLICY – 12/7/21]

          Newest and hopeful help for curbing the global Pandemic is a new Face Mask which glows under UV light when exposed to the virus that causes Covid-19.  Japanese researchers have developed a filter sprayed with a fluorescent dye, containing antibodies extracted from Ostrich eggs, so far successful with an easy testing kit, reports FUTURISM/ NEOSCOPE.

          While the Biden administration is “purposefully choosing not to take simple, common-sense steps” to stop an unprecedented number of illegal immigrants (90% undocumented), and continues to pay out some $5 million daily to Border Wall contractors, the Dep’t of Customs & Border Patrol has diverted agents to mandatory “woke re-education training on the Impact of Stereotypes and Unconscious Biases, presented by an Expert in Gender Bias,” reports ZEROHEDGE.