• “EMPLOYEE PERFORMANCE IS THE LIFE FORCE OF ANY COMPANY, particularly managers who can adjust in the face of change and support sudden shifts in business priorities… Structurally this requires development of training & guidelines for frequent feedback, with managers becoming Coaches rather than judge & jury, and formal check-ins to ensure that performance is aligned with business priorities… OKR (Objectives & Key Results) software is a mechanism to tie & measure individual goals directly to organizational goals, which facilitates performance evaluation, giving employees a greater sense of control/ collaboration/ satisfaction” as well as productivity. DCG can help your business with productivity, profitability and stability.  [BETTERWORKS – 1/10/22]
  •  DESPITE PRIVACY RIGHTS, AND WHILE MAKING PORNOGRAPHY AVAILABLE TO MINORS IS PROHIBITED by Federal and 49 State Statutes, it turns out that “sex education (called health) is exempt… In a typical Virginia classroom these days, utilizing curriculum approved by NSES (Nat’l Sex Education Standards): (1) Kids 7 & 8 answer True/False quizzes like ‘Sexual intercourse should be only between a cisgender male and cisgender female,’ and ‘Boys who identify as girls must only go into restrooms labelled Boys’ – with correct answers all False; (2) 10 & 11-year-old student lessons include joys of masturbation, how hormone blockers help transgender children, and how same-sex couples can have kids through in-vitro fertilization or surrogacy; (3) Middle school surveys include questions like ‘During your life, with how many people have you had sexual intercourse with? How old were you the first time?’ and ‘Have you ever had oral sex?’ …Second graders still play hide-&-seek and may take stuffed animals to bed, while public-school teachers are destroying their innocence in explaining the widely (and wildly) differing sexual behaviors of adults in bed.” [PRICKLY PEAR – 1/14/22]
  •  “AMERICA IS IN THE MIDST OF A CIVIL WAR FOR ITS VERY EXISTENCE, a war of subversion. Its leaders have been elected to federal, state & local governments, and sympathizers infiltrated into our media establishment, entertainment industry, big tech, academia, even professional sports. Their weapons are hurled from social media platforms from which there is no defense, with character assassinations and public executions gleefully cheered on by the mob of people who don’t have to be creative, well-read, in shape, resourceful or strong, just apathetic and recruitable. Racism is the witchcraft of this century, and cancel culture is the stake at which they’re burned. A cancer has infected its host, the American experiment as the last bastion of freedom, but the very ideals it sought to uphold are the ones allowing demise.” -JACK CARR, author
  •  A “CLASH OF CULTURE AND NATURE” has resulted in percentage of young men becoming lonelier and at greater rate of suicide, with only 27% of American men having at least six close friends and 15% having none at all, according to recent studies. Beyond boys having been taught that “successful men exhibit traits of restraint, independence & competitiveness at the expense of others, and worrying that close friendships make them seem ‘girly,’ increasing use of online games & message boards disconnect them from others.” Studies also show that American men, followed by Europeans, lead the loneliness statistics. [ECONOMIST – 1/1/22]

          The latest phishing scam: Fraudulent QR codes on parking meters which send your mobile device to fraudulent or dangerous sites which capture data.  QR sands for ‘quick response. In several Texas cities, people were directed to a site promising ‘quick pay parking.’ 

                “Cowardice asks the question, is it safe? Expediency asks the question, is it politic? Vanity asks the question, is it popular? But conscience asks the question, is it right? And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular, but one must take it because it is right.” – Martin Luther King