• DIALOGUE IN DIFFICULT CONVERSATIONS (with partners/ employees/ family members/ friends) often ‘hits-a-brick-wall’ due to: (1) Absence of clarity in motive – especially “caring more about looking good than finding solutions; and/or (2) Either/OrThinking that  there’s only one solution to a challenge, based on that choices limited only to honesty which can result in offending the other party, or keeping mouth shut to preserve a relationship… This assumption, known as Fools Choice, pits short-term motive to win, be right, save face, punish others, or build reputation” against broader objective to achieve optimal outcome – always an impediment to effective leadership. DCG guidance can help.  [CRUCIAL LEARNING – 2/22/22]
  • “IT’S LIKELY THAT THE RECENT TSUNAMI OF ‘SPAC’ ACQUISITIONS WILL GENERATE SOME DRAMATIC FAILURES… SPACs are publicly-listed ‘Special Purpose Acquisition Companies’ with a typical lifespan of 12 – 24 months, during which it is expected to merge with a private company… Surveys by Deloitte, Management Consultants & academics estimate anywhere from 40% – 70% of all acquisitions fail to realize their expected strategic and/or financial objectives… Additionally, the SEC has increased lawsuits based on concerns of false & misleading statements, as well as expressed concerns relating to payment of related-party fees, issuance of securities to SPAC Directors, and incentives of sponsors.” [DIRECTORS & BOARDS – Q1/22]
  • FEDERAL GOVERNMENTT ADVICE IN EVENT OF A U.S. NUCLEAR ATTACK (REALLY). Per ready.gov/nuclear-explosion: “(1) After the shock wave passes, get inside within ten minutes to avoid radiation from potential fallout; (2) Continue to practice social distancing by wearing a mask and keeping a distance of six feet; (3) Make sure you have an emergency supply kit including hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol; (4) If experiencing a medical emergency, call 911 and let the operator know if you have or think you might have Covid-19, and put on a mask before help arrives; (5) Engage with your community through video & phone calls, and talk to someone if feeling upset…”  Good to know that while survival rate from the nuclear explosion is unpredictable, protection against Coronavirus (which has a fatality rate below 1%) is always a priority! Really.
  • MEANWHILE, POSSIBLY, “THE NEXT PANDEMIC IS ALREADY HERE, RESULTING FROM OVER-CONSUMPTION OF ANTIBIOTICS which, by repeated use, allow bacteria to increasingly become resistant to drugs – in much the same way that continued application of weed killers on a lawn eventually leads to hardy, resistant weeds… Up to 90% of bacteria-causing infections are now resistant to previously effective drugs, with estimated 1.3 million deaths annually, more than from HIV/AIDS, diarrhea, malaria, or any infectious disease apart from tuberculosis or covid-19… The cause is principally industrial usage to fatten billions of poultry/ pigs/ cattle raised for human consumption… but also researchers have deemed roughly half to 70% of antibiotics used by humans to be inappropriate – i.e. providing no real benefit, while helping create microbial resistance (with average American consumption more than twice as much as average Scandinavian, despite not being any sicker) …This creeping pandemic will grow more intractable if not addressed.” [FOREIGN AFFAIRS – 2/28/22]

     Advice from the brilliant mind of Stephen Hawking on Humanity, Imperfection, Aliens, Intelligence, Sense of Humor and more: https://biggeekdad.com/2018/03/10-meaningful-quotes/