• OPTIMIZING BUSINESS OR PERSONAL RESULTS ALWAYS REQUIRES ONGOING STRATEGIC PLANNING, initially based on vision of the leadership.  Before prioritizing or taking tactical steps for organizational initiatives/ personnel/ processes/ procedures/ facilities/ etc., the always initial critical factor is developing clarity & consensus among leaders of Goals and Objectives: what the picture is intended to look like, and what would need to happen in order to achieve that, by timeline XYZ. Then comes focus on executing the plan, achieving objectives, and maintaining sustainability – i.e., Managing (coordinating, guiding, monitoring) in response to economic conditions, financial results, as well as cultural evolution of customer/client preferences, expectations and competitive alternatives. “Management is about finding answers, while Leadership is about asking questions.” [SMARTBRIEF – 3/15/22]  DCG have decades of experience and unparalleled expertise in Strategic Planning;  Consultation is courtesy for clients and referrals.
  • “AT THE HEART OF TODAY’S CULTURE, PEOPLE SEEM MORE CONCERNED WITH BOASTING about their lives to online strangers than to live in the here and now. At the political level, this supports the tactic and focus on making sure things look swell rather than on substance – of giving processed answers, similar to attorneys who focus not on the Truth but on making a case, attending to how things look rather than to reality. Thus, we get a constant feed of vacuity from government officials and media spokespersons, while fixing problems is treated as a less pressing need than checking boxes and saying things most acceptable to their political constituencies and audiences.”  [WASHINGTON EXAMINER – 3/17/22]
  • POLITICS VERSUS POLICIES AGAIN. The pending Inflation crisis is a far more critical battle than phony Identity, Privilege & Social Justice propaganda battles.  “During the 1960s and ‘70s, it took a dozen years for a toxic cocktail of excessive fiscal stimulus, misguided monetary policy focused on symptoms rather than causes, and bad luck on the supply side to generate stagflation – a mix of high inflation and a stagnant economy – to develop. Stagflation and political dysfunction corroded trust in government and brought down the presidencies of Ford and Carter,” after ruining the lives of mega-millions of Americans.  [TIME – 3/28/22]
  • A RECENT STUDY IN ‘PSYCHOLOGICAL GENDER,’ by Australian psychology and intelligence researchers, measured how men and women “perceive their own cognitive abilities,” to conclude that: (1) Men tend to overstate their IQ scores more often; and (2) People who act more masculine, regardless of assigned sex at birth, “tend to think they’re smarter than they are.” The study is published by Frontiers in Psychology

“A new world is being born. The hope for peaceful relations is fading. Instead, we have Russia’s war on Ukraine, threats of nuclear Armageddon, a mobilized west, an alliance of autocracies, unprecedented economic sanctions and a huge energy and food shock. No one knows what will happen. But we do know this looks to be a disaster.”  [FINANCIAL TIMES 3/16/22]

     The wisdom of federal legislation continues astound: The newest $1.5 trillion spending bill allocated $3million for a Ghandi museum in Texas; $1.6million for Rhode Island shellfish ‘equity’; $800,000 for artists’ lofts in California; $600,000 for Schumer’s greenhouse; $570,000 to remove ‘derelict’ lobster pots in Connecticut; $10 billion dedicated to five-thousand pet projects across the country; and the House voted to pass  ‘Creating a Respectful and Open World for Natural Hair Act’ which bans “discriminating against black hairstyles including dreadlocks, Afros and braids in the workplace.”   [VANDEMAN – 3/20/22]]

      Latest & easiest exercise plan: Stand straight with a 5-pound potato bag in each arm and hold for 60 seconds. After a week, increase to 10-pound bags, another week later use 20-pounders, and by end of month up it to 50-pound bags. Then put a potato in each bag and repeat next month.