• MOST FAMILY & CLOSELY-HELD COMPANIES FAIL TO OPTIMIZE POTENTIAL BY NOT UTILIZING ADVISORY BOARDS, unaware of the unique value from perspective beyond the skills & experience within their organization. Even among companies who do have Boards: (1) Many are appointed just to appease investor/lender demands or to market impressive names & bios on the website, and their advisors serve in name only; (2) Precise roles/ expectations/ commitments are seldom defined, which lead to absence of clear purpose & contribution; and (3) the relevance of members’ input and impact are seldom monitored or directed, as CEOs take a ‘ready/ fire/ aim’ approach in this arena of management. A competent Advisory team which provides perspective on strategy for company goals & objectives, infrastructure, and senior leadership can substantially improve results, stability and valuation. DCG have decades of expertise in recruiting, developing and guiding a team which supplements existing executive & professional advisors. Let us help.
  •  A TYPICAL INTERNET USER HAS ABOUT 100 SETS OF LOG-IN DETAILS, well beyond their memory and requiring a listing – typically a Word doc, an easy path to everything online if a hacker gets in just one time. “It takes a hacker roughly two seconds to crack an 11-character password when made up of only numbers, but takes up to 400 years if the password is more complex using symbols, uppercase and lowercase letters… Password Managers allow those long and totally random selection of characters, ensuring a unique login for each account, which prevents both phishing and subsequent ‘credential stuffing’ attacks where compromised passwords then allow access to other services.” Setting up a Password Manager is bit of a hassle, but lots less than potential cost of getting hacked.  [GUARDIAN – 3/19/22]
  • AMERICA’S LEGAL SYSTEM IS RAPIDLY CHANGING. “The adversarial system, in which both sides of a dispute are represented vigorously by attorneys with a vested interest in winning, is at the heart of our Constitutional order. But the politicization and tribalism of college campus life have crowded out ‘old-fashioned’ expectations about justice and neutrality. The imperatives of race, gender and identity are now more important to more & more students than due process, presumption of innocence, and all the norms & values at the foundation of what we think of as Rule of Law.” Beyond the campus, transition examples include: (1) American Bar Ass’n now requiring all accredited law schools to provide mandatory education on bias, cross-cultural competency and racism; (2) Law students and Administrators (who outnumber faculty at some universities) encouraging censorship and prioritizing Diversity/ Equity/ Inclusion over academic curriculum; (3) An Ivy League Constitutional Law class voting 100%  in favor of “scrapping the Constitution”; (4) Many legal firms now refusing to accept politicized cases and even dropping accounts for fear of offending other corporate clients; (5) Corporate Boards and NASDAQ now demanding that listing companies meet racial and gender quotas. “The legal system has been taken over.”   [BARI WEISS – 3/21/22]
  • IT’S DIFFICULT TO SEE HOW ELECTRIC VEHICLES COULD BECOME THE MAINSTREAM OF TRANSPORTATION, when: (1) Typical gas stations can service a couple thousand cars a day with a handful of pumps, but would require up to 600 EV Chargers needing six times the surface area for as many vehicles, even using 30-minute top-off charge-ups; (2) While home-charging today is limited by electrical infrastructure to just a handful of houses on most suburban streets; (In U.K., starting this summer, charging will be preset to function only during non-peak loads, and also allows batteries to be drained into the grid if required); (3) Battery Replacement would be necessary on most average used EVs before ability to resell or trade, with cost way above internal combustion vehicles. [AMERICA OUT LOUD – 1/15/22]
  • THOUGHTS FOR THE WEEK: Life in the 60s for those who care: https://biggeekdad.com/2022/03/life-in-america-the-1960s/

       A survey shows that Botox treatments for men have increased in Washington D.C., “in a bid to conceal facial expressions that could reveal their thoughts,  wanting to have a little bit more of a poker face in court.”  [ALLURE – 1/16/22]

       An astounding and outstanding Counter-Cancel-Culture ad: https://biggeekdad.com/2022/03/the-greatest-commercial-ever/