• RETAINING HIGH POTENTIAL EMPLOYEES REQUIRES SPECIAL ATTENTION. An analysis of over 37K scientist mentors confirmed that mentorship needs to include: “(1) Working through problems together rather than simply ensuring that discreet skills are mastered; (2) Less about telling them what to do, versus showing up, listening and offering nonjudgmental support; (3) Encouraging them to think broadly about where they see themselves several jobs later, and types of challenges & potential assignments to consider in getting there; (4) Having them set the agenda for meetings, making it clear that they are in charge of their own career; (5) Passing on negative feedback, if it is constructive and will help them in the future.”  [KELLOGG NORTHWESTERN – 4/22]  DCG coaching can help Managers apply optimally effective strategy.
  • TALENT RECRUITMENT & RETENTION REMAINS A TOP BUSINESS CHALLENGE, second only to cybersecurity. Based on survey last month of some 150 Directors of public companies, a proactive strategy of virtue signaling ‘Equity and Racial Justice’ is now the focus of Woke institutions, targeting funds directly to minority groups, ostensibly to reverse the effects of Systemic Racism. “Calculating that goodwill generated outweighs any possible downside, including lawsuits…corporate ‘investments’ have exceeded $200 billion (according to McKinsey) for overtly political initiatives like opposing election integrity bills, matching employee BLM donations, and providing free consulting/ media/ advertising/ technology, interest-rate discounts and grants which specifically exclude businesses owned by white males.” [CORPORATE BOARD MEMBER and AMERICAN MIND – 4/22/22]  
  • BIG TECH COMPANIES HAVE AGGRESSIVELY & SUCCESSFULLY LOBBIED TO AVOID OVERSIGHT, despite decades of harms caused by search engines, shopping websites and social networks. While American politicians have dithered with political implications, the European Union have finally taken action, prompted by Russia’s “use of its social media megaphone to sow propaganda” about the Ukrainian invasion. After pushing major tech platforms (Facebook, YouTube, TikTok) to ban Russian state media within Europe, the EU has just passed a Digital Services Act which legislates: (1) Transparency obligations forcing disclosure to regulators & researchers regarding algorithms controlling what viewers see and targeting of online ads; (3) Enforcement of illegal content/ disinformation/ extremism on platforms. Pressure should now result in some type of Washington lawmaker action.  [WASHINGTON POST – 4/22/22]
  • NEARLY A THIRD OF CALIFORNIA’S RESIDENTS NOW “LACK SUFFICIENT INCOME to cover basic living costs even after public-assistance programs. Latest research shows the state ‘aging’ 50% faster than the national norm – three of the nation’s five large regions with highest population loss last year (28% of all domestic outmigration), with both LA and San Francisco at the literal bottom of birthrates among 53 major metropolitan areas. The fundamental reason is California’s established “Model curriculum: ‘building new possibilities for post-imperial life that promotes collective narratives for transformative resistance,’ championing Equity in education over developing even basic life skills such as being on time, grading, evaluation, or facing penalties for cheating… Today, three in five high schoolers are not prepared for either college or a career, poor & largely minority students rank 49th in performance nationally, and of those who do get to community college – like Cal State University where ethnic studies programs are now mandated – 40% of freshmen need remedial courses in reading comprehension, writing & math… The California Dream is vanishing.” [EPOCH TIMES – 4/24/22]

       Odds & Ends:  President Biden’s Economic Report used the word Inequality 147 times, Gender 127 times, Emissions 100 times, and Inflation only 87 times. ///   19% of Baby Boomers, 40% of Millennials and 46% of Gen Z workers “feel workload & stress fatigue, with a day’s work more exhausting than their parents’ generation.”  ///   Verrry long fingernails are an increasing trend, especially with rappers & fashionistas, despite scientist warnings that they can harbor 32 species of bacteria and 28 types of fungi.  [VADEMANCO]

      Stolen data from text messages averaged a $900 loss per report filed by the FTC in 2021. You’ve probably gotten one already: text from a strange number (maybe even your own) advertising CBD gummies, confirming a package delivery, or letting you know a bill has been paid, complete with a seemingly unsuspecting link. These texts are scams called ‘smishing’ and on the rise. [GIZMODO]

      Some street performers are truly worthy of their tips:  https://biggeekdad.com/2021/03/you-raise-me-up-martin-hurkens/