• NEARLY TWO-THIRDS OF AMERICAN WORKERS HIDE THEIR REAL PERSONALITY AT WORK, “fearful of being authentic around others, having experienced some sort of backlash from colleagues when a private detail of their life became public knowledge.” A 1,900-person poll by JobSage found over half of those citing political views and personal info about family as the issues. [LBN EXAMINER – 5/15/22]   DCG Team Development Coaching services include techniques to minimize this obstacle to company productivity. Call for courtesy consultation.
  • RECRUITING TALENT REMAINS AMONG THE TOP CHALLENGES FOR BUSINESSES – even getting reality-based applications, but then background checking. When trying to confirm references, former employers may be reluctant (including for legal reasons) to respond and/or especially to say anything negative. A strategy which may help is leaving a message like “I’d appreciate your getting back to me if this applicant is really good,” then, if they don’t reply or do reply but hedge response, best assume it would not be a positive recommendation.
  • “A BACKDOOR PLAN TO INFLUENCE ELECTIONS:” In spring 2021, the President issued an Executive Order directing all heads of federal executive agencies to “detail their efforts to increase voter registration and voting – even though they have no statutory authority to have anything to do with voting – stating they should ‘partner’ with State/ local/ Tribal/ territorial election officials… urging ‘takeover,’ acting as the  designated Voter registration agency.” With Freedom of Information requests completely ignored, the Foundation for Government Accountability has been actively pursuing lawsuits against Dep’t of Justice. However, meanwhile, agencies (like SBA and USDA Food & Nutrition Services) encourage States to “provide local program operators with Voter registration & promotional materials – of particular concern  since most states accept driver’s licenses & ID cards as proof of identification to vote without cross-check of citizenship status… creating an opportunity for fraud on a massive scale,” with the next critical federal election less than 6-months away.  [PRICKLY PEAR – 5/13/22]
  • BIASED MEDIA REPORTING CONTINUES TO WORSEN. “Even though it makes perfect sense to avoid propagating the images & writings of a mass-killer so as not to encourage further attacks, it is entirely incorrect to cherry-pick the data to score political points, purposely excluding other key facts that interrupt chosen false narrative.” That pattern was manifest last week in wall-to-wall coverage of the supermarket-mass-murder story, with liberal publication headlines including “The Buffalo shooter isn’t a ‘lone wolf. He’s a mainstream Republican’ …and somehow correlated to dissent against the administration’s Open Border policy… referencing his ‘Manifesto’ but omitting mention of pages where he specifically writes about being “deep into communist ideology at age 12, then consistently moving farther right to the mild-moderate authoritarian-left category, and now preferring to be called a populist.”  [AMERICAN THINKER – 5/17/22]

        Let’s not gradually dwindle away until civilization ends with all of us in adult diapers. – Elon Musk   The practice of hiring morons to work in influential positions of government is illustrated by the following story: An elite lady’s son was flunking out of college, so she told him: “The girl I’ve chosen for you to marry is Bill Gates daughter” and he said “Sure, sounds great to me.”  She then connected with Bill Gates and told him “My son is becoming president of the World Bank and would like to marry your daughter.” He said “Certainly a good match, why not?”  Her last call was to CEO of the World Bank, telling him “My son, who is becoming Bill Gates son-in-law would like to be president of your bank.” He said “Absolutely.” And that’s pretty much how politics always works.

            Based on current trends, the American population who identify as “something other than heterosexual” (LGBTQ etc.) exceed 7% and are projected to exceed 10% in the near future.  Latest Gallup poll interviews unsurprisingly found higher prevalence (over a third) in Millennial and Z generations born after 1980.

          The Pentagon, for the first time, showed Declassified footage of a ‘Flying Spherical Object’ aka UFO:    https://www.theepochtimes.com/ufo-hearing-pentagon-shows-declassified-footage-of-flying-spherical-object_4472660.html?utm_source=News&utm_campaign=breaking-2022-05-17-4&utm_medium=email&est=xlkgJzkGLr5EbW5r0uFQ%2BgYnvygYGpimVkpRXXIHnv7YyDGOZA4SvOk7Ezcq7EsX7w%3D%3D