• BLUE IS CONSISTENTLY THE MOST FAVORITE COLOR OF HUMANS, based on multiple studies over many years in many cultures, which researchers attribute mostly to something which emerges from childhood based on ‘favorite things.’ Crayola surveys of American kids find they consistently pick four shades of blue among their top ten colors. Black emerges by age 11 when they’re “drawing a ‘nasty’ character, and during teenage years preferences take on a darker, more somber hue – with adolescent girls attracted from pink to purples & reds, with boys favoring greens. These palettes seem to then converge with growth into adulthood, the majority still preferring blue (perhaps from positive feelings like idyllic oceans or clear skies) while disliking dark yellowish muddy browns (perhaps associated biological waste or rotting foods)… Color preferences reflect a summary of our regular daily experiences in the world.”  [BBC – 6/2/22]
  • “MACHINE-BASED WEAPONS HAVE STEADILY BEEN REPLACING HUMAN FIGHTERS with testing of new Unmanned Aerial Vehicles using artificial intelligence, and land-based Autonomous Mobile Robot military technology. DARPA division of Dep’t of Defense – which developed the precursor to the Internet – is also pursuing projects including robots that can fuel themselves by eating plants, and serve as infantry mules or mechanical elephants… Lethal autonomous weapons systems (aka flying Killer Robots) have already been used last year in Libya and currently by the Russian military in Ukraine… A quote from Albert Einstein seems appropriate for our time ‘I know not with what weapons WW3 will be fought, but WW4 will be fought with sticks & stones’.”  [THOMAS FREY – 6/9/22]
  • PREDICTIONS OF GLOBAL OVERPOPULATION are at direct conflict with demographic studies. The latest, by University of Washington researchers (funded by Gates Foundation), contradict this entirely, projecting that human population will decrease 50% by end of this century. The key factor is ‘Fertility Rate’ which, once below a level of 2.1 average birth rate, cannot statistically sustain population. The U.S. rate in 2020 was 1.6, lowest in American history and a sharp decline from 3.7 in 1960… “primarily caused by impacts from Urbanization: (1) People moving from countryside with children being a source of labor for farms, to cities where costs of raising a child to adulthood exceed $250K excluding college; and (2) Women becoming educated, employed, independent, with access to contraception and having fewer children later in life… In this ‘Great Demographic Reversal,’ some of the changes we’re currently experiencing, such as high inflation/ labor shortages/ sacrifice of economic well-being to protect the elderly & vulnerable, offer a peek into the future.”  [EPOCH TIMES – 6/5/22]

A flying 8-jet engine motorcycle is now in prototype. The ‘Air Utility Vehicle’ claims to lift 1,000 pounds & cover 400 miles at 500mph.  Beyond the piloted variety, Speeder AUV can be configured as autonomous or remotely-piloted flight for police, rescue, military, firefighting, medical evacuation and industrial cargo applications, as well as personal aircraft.  [FUTURISM]

     A fascinating and troubling video on the ‘distortion’ today in our financial world, versus the real world; $150 Trillion transfer of wealth so far; how it happened; why chaos will likely get worse with no return to anything we considered ‘normal’; from a thoroughly credible expert: https://secure.rogueeconomics.com/?cid=MKT623113&eid=MKT641535&assetId=AST236063&page=1