• IT TURNS OUT THAT $800 BILLION OF PPP FUNDS – the federal ‘Paycheck Protection Program’ to support workers during the pandemic – “did not support jobs at risk of disappearing, with three-quarters of benefits instead flowing to unintended recipients, including business owners, creditors and suppliers rather than workers.” According the Federal Reserve Bank study, 72% of PPP funds went to households with income in the top 20% of national distribution, and taxpayers shelled out $4 for every $1 in wages & benefits received by workers, at “cost per job saved for one year between $169K to $258K.”  [reported in JRNL OF EONOMIC PERSPECTIVES]
  • AS INTEREST RATES CONTINUE TO RISE, TAX ‘DEDUCTIBILITY’ IMPACT BECOMES MORE RELEVANT. Refresher: Federal rules involve interest on actual use of borrowed funds, not assets securing the debt: (1) Loan proceeds used for personal consumption are NOT deductible; (2) When for residential purchase or substantial improvements, deductible up to $750K joint, and $1M on loans originated pre-2018; (3) Subject to ‘loss limitations,’ deductible when used in active trade or business where taxpayer materially participates, or for passive activities; (4) If for ‘investment’ purposes, then deductible to extent of taxable investment income.
  • OVER 400 FEDERAL AGENCIES with 3-letter acronyms (EPA/ CDC/ DOE/ DOT/ HHS/ SEC/ FTC/ etc) employ some three-million bureaucrats who cannot be fired, who give arbitrary orders without oversight from voters or legislators, and who effectively have become the 4th branch of government. Over the past many decades, aka the ‘Deep State,’ these bureaucrats have been ‘ruling’ the lives of American residents, especially during these past ‘pandemic’ years – restricting travel & activities, mandating masks, closing schools & religious institutions, reducing police protection while enabling criminal behavior without repercussions, destroying jobs/ businesses/ even entire industry sectors, while reducing living standards through intentional price inflation. Worse has been the impact on intellect & attitudes of an entire generation, relegated from being at the top of global population to many notches below. Recent Supreme Court decisions have finally recognized and ‘ruled’ on the conflict between ‘constitutional’ freedom (which Americans fought a war with British authoritarians to achieve) and the layers of tyranny which have creeped back. Whether citizen voters lazily allow the oligarchs, power class, and fake ‘experts’ at governing to continue their Control is unquestionably the most critical issue of our future.
  • MICROBOTS ARE ALMOST READY TO TAKE ON PERSONAL TOOTHBRUSHING. University of Pennsylvania engineers have developed a system of “microbots that can change shape to form bristles or floss, brushing away plaque and also releasing antimicrobials, which trigger an iron oxide reaction that produces free radicals to kill bacteria and the sticky biofilms they form on teeth… Customizability will also allow hands-free potential for people with reduced fine motor skills to still take care of their oral health.”  [NEW ATLAS – 7/5/22]
  • The Long-Term Consequences of Weaponizing Our Financial Systems: https://futuristspeaker.com/future-scenarios/understanding-the-long-term-consequences-of-weaponizing-our-financial-systems/
  • THOUGHTS FOR THE WEEK: “We live in a time where intelligent people are being silenced so that stupid people won’t be offended.”

California now ranks 50th out of 50, in last place, as “Worst State for Business,” based on latest survey of 650 CEOs and business owners, after Washington, New Jersey Illinois and New York.  [CHIEF EXECUTIVE.NET]

Arizona passed a law, to take effect in 2023, which “prohibits any attempt to illegally cast a vote” and requiring proof of citizenship, consistent with language in the Constitution that “the right of citizens to vote shall not be abridged.” The Biden Dep’t of Justice (DOJ) filed suit against Arizona last week, claiming this “infringes” on Civil Rights Act – confirming its endorsement for illegal migrants to vote in federal elections.

 Problems with today’s media summarized in one chart:  https://www.zerohedge.com/political/33-problems-media-one-chart