• EMPLOYEE RECRUITMENT IS TOUGH ENOUGH, BUT RETENTION IS BECOMING MAYBE EVEN TOUGHER. Execs and supervisors often forfeit opportunities to lessen the risk of workers quitting when they avoid difficult discussions until it’s too late – usually  because talking about uncomfortable issues involves vulnerability which can become awkward, disappointing and involve egos. But conflict resolution is a critical factor in effective leadership, and retention likelihood can often be improved by: (1) Dealing with issues promptly and directly; (2) Listening to the employee’s position with empathy; (3) Approaching resolution with compromise that lets an employee feel some level of ‘win’ versus feeling taken advantage of.  DCG provides Management Leadership Coaching; call for courtesy consult.
  • HOW FAR DO COMPANIES GO TO RECRUIT QUALIFIED GEN Z WORKERS? Citigroup bank recently set up a new hub in the coast city of Malaga, Spain, and lured some 3,000 business school graduates to apply for thirty analyst jobs. Beyond top compensation, the job package included gourmet meals, 24-hour massage, nap pods, and a welcoming staff concert by pop star Lizzo. Gen Zers, age 20-24, who already represent less of the labor force participation than Millennials and Gen Xers, are putting Remote work as a priority, and now “taking calls from beach chairs & hammocks in more exciting locales, while also fleeing big cities in search for cheaper or larger homes.”   [ECONOMIST – 7/23/22]
  • THE AMERICAN WAY OF CONDUCTING ELECTIONS, where citizens used to have confidence in legitimacy & reliability of the process, has been pretty much decimated. ‘Process Changes’ instituted by appointed bureaucrats and some regulatory bodies now supply Ballots to everyone once on a voting list (whether still residing in the community or dead), including multiple ballots to the same address, and which may be returned without verification of any kind. “Of course, it’s illegal to vote a ballot not your own, to unduly influence another voter, or fail to deliver certain ballots.” But with bulk mail voting, and boxes of ballots simply dropped off at a collection station, none of this is detectible. “For generations, laws required that all voters Register beforehand and present a secure I.D., with all votes cast confidentially (typically behind a curtain) and absolutely no intimidation or persuasion allowed in or near a polling station.” That arbitrary Process Change (ostensibly justified by the pandemic) has generated “high-intensity debate over election Fraud versus voter Suppression” at cost of citizen confidence, is shameful. [PRICKLY PEAR – 7/25/22]
  • WOKEISM IS WHACKED BEYOND BELIEF. Latest absurdity is challenge by the Children’s Advertising Review Unit (CARU) of Better Business Bureau against a child clothing manufacturer for ad slogans promoting kids clothing – like for BoysBorn to Win/ Power/ Champion/ Awesome Adventures, and for GirlsBe Kind, Be Happy/ Kindness Always Wins/ Always Perfect/ Be Good, Do Good. The CARU Ad Guideline position is that “separate lines of messaging create a dichotomous world of goals & attributes appropriate for boys & girls… furthering negative stereotypes which can be harmful to each gender’s development, well-being, mental, physical and emotional health.” [MANATT ADVERTISING LAW – 7/25/22]

The Port of Los Angeles, busiest in the western hemisphere, handling over $20 billion worth of cargo each month, faces over 30 million cyber-attacks daily – “believed to come mainly from Europe & Russia, as ransomware/ malware/ spear-phishing/ credential harvesting attacks, with the aim of causing as much disruption as possible in flow of cargo and slowing down economies.” [BBC – 7/22/22]

Mass shootings have virtually nothing to do with gun legislation. And the liberal push for gun confiscation based on ‘anonymous tip’ is not only unconstitutional but preposterous, given American history. Some reality-based facts: https://media.gab.com/system/media_attachments/files/110/320/645/playable/3ddefcaebaa44b23.mp4

Perspective on how European countries view the Ukraine war and “quietly fear Russia’s defeat”https://worldcrunch.com/focus/russian-defeat-western-fears/business-as-usual