• IN THE PAST FEW DECADES, A GENERATION OF KIDS HAVE BEEN CRIPPLED by dumping elementary school subjects like math & reading. In 2000, a National Reading Panel of literary experts recommended explicit instruction in skills like “phonemic awareness/ phonics/ fluency/ vocabulary/ comprehension – aka the ‘Science of Reading’…  However, cliques of teachers too spoiled & arrogant to follow that plan, prefer trendsetting curriculum that emphasizes ‘rich literary experiences’ to fight for Social Justice.”  Among the worst results are Oakland Unified School District, which “spends over $21K per-year-per-student, and now rates in the lower 50% of all California schools, with only 18% of Black and 23% of Hispanic kids on track to be able to read by the 4th grade… Teaching Basics is not a place to exhibit pet theories and originality. Unless and until fixing the problem of teachers refusing to follow a program that works, rather than one that makes them feel good, trillions of dollars will be squandered on a failed system.”  [RED STATE – 8/14/22]
  • WOKE WISDOM OF THE WEEK: “All men may be created equal, but all tweets are not.”  An instructor filed suit after being blocked on University of Oregon’s ‘Equity and Inclusion Twitter,’ based on the Division Communication Manager’s “autonomy to manage the accounts with her professional judgement, despite any written policy (according to the VP for Equity & Inclusion) …and despite the 1st Amendment not allowing government or its actors to ban individuals from public forms just because they disagree with the views those individuals possess – in this case, quoting the Nation’s founding documents stating All Men Are Created Equal.”
  • THE FUTURE OF 21st CENTURY CIVILIZATION, and particularly western society, is more and more recognized as having become exploitatively technological (machine connected/ globalized/ bio-engineered/ etc.), to the extent that ‘common people,’ who at all prior times of history have been the Building Blocks of the future, are fast becoming redundant. While economic & political power is vastly different among groups of humans, from a historical perspective American Conservatives are actually the most Liberal of any people, ever. For a fascinating YouTube analysis from Yuval Harari, whose three major books (Sapiens, Homo Deus, 21 Lessons for 21st Century) are masterful sweeps of humanity’s time past and future.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w7DohVZS5Yo
  •  RULES FOR OPTIMIZING BUSINESS GROWTH & VALUE CREATION, according to McKinsey: (1) Scalable formula; (2) Fast-growing market; (3) Adjacent business areas for expansion; (4) Combining organic growth with acquisition; (5) Cutting losses early.
  • THE U.S. INFLATION RATE HAS INCREASED AROUND SIX TIMES, from a 1.4% level when federal policies changed in January, 2021, to a forty-year high, influenced substantially by $1.9 Trillion pumped into the economy in a third round of Stimulus checks (via the American Rescue Act). This fall, multiple states will again be sending out another round of Stimulus payments, ostensibly as ‘Inflation Relief.’ In California, individuals will get up to $1,050 between October (just prior to the Election) and January 2023, based on income and tax filing status.

 “One of the most important reasons for studying history is that virtually every stupid idea that is in vogue today has been tried before and proved disastrous before, time and again.”  [THOMAS SEWELL]

       “The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limits.” – Purportedly ALBERT EINSTEIN 

       Over the last 18 months, Border Patrol agents have ‘encountered’ around 2¾ million illegal immigrants, and estimate over 800 thousand ‘gotaways’ who escaped into the U.S. Unless the Progressive policy (contrary to existing laws) is halted, this level could easily add another 5 million through 2024.   [PATRIOT POST]