• CRYPTOCURRENCY INVESTORS HAD OF $1.3 BILLION STOLEN DURING Q1 ALONE THIS YEAR BY CYBERCRIMINALS, the FBI has reported. The “complexity of cross-chain functionality between decentralized finance platforms and open source nature of blockchain technologies” has turned crypto funds into a hacker’s haven. [TRIPWIRE – 9/1/22]
  • “MACHINE LEARNING, aka ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, IS DISRUPTING TRADITIONAL FORMS OF FEEDBACK, as new technologies facilitate disinformation and worsen existing biases, taking prejudice hidden in data and confidently transforming it into incorrect assertions… The challenge to democracies like the U.S. is increasing polarization, as the online world promotes political division by generating fake speech at scale; Challenges to autocracies are more subtle but possibly more corrosive, by creating a false appearance of consensus and concealing underlying societal fissures until it is too late, and leading them to double down on bad decisions… If ‘data’ becomes the new oil, China could be the new OPEC. However, if superior technology is what provides the edge, then America, with our world class university system and talented workforce, still have a chance to come out ahead, with broader economic and military superiority.” Hopefully, the current political shift toward autocratic woke socialism will be stopped by common sense of enough voters, to allow that outcome. [FOREIGN AFFAIRS – SEP/OCT 22]
  • APPLE WILL REPORTEDLY BE LAUNCHING ‘AUGMENTED REALITY’ (AR) SMART GLASSES NEXT YEAR, with “functionality similar to the superimposed, heads-up, transparent displays available now on windshields of fighter jets and high-end automobiles – essentially wearable minicomputers including wireless mini-microphones & speakers for an integrated multi-sensory experience… Nearly all the apps that fill the screens of handhelds will be available on AR smart glasses: cameras/ social media/ music/ texting/ newsfeeds/ online shopping/ with audio & visual streaming/ recording/ phone calls, all enabled by self-contained wireless connectivity.” Beyond the impact of ‘distraction,’ researchers suggest that the average person already consumes information over 12 hours each day and some 20% of IT users are early adopters, especially kids, so imagine where this percentage is headed!  [THOMAS FREY – 9/1/22] 
  • “A GROUP OF POLITICIZED THUGS AT THE TOP OF THE FBI are using it as Joe Biden’s personal Gestapo, say a majority of likely voters,” reports the latest Rasmussen Survey. The current “arrogant and lawless cadre of those deep state bureaucrats, who have lost their moral compass and willingness to abide by oaths, have instead obediently and cleverly done the bidding of Democratic Party masters.” The current level of corruption was led by former director Comey and similarly supported by CIA director Brennan, in collaboration with Hillary Clinton “using her ‘Russia Collusion’ conspiracy as ‘probable cause’ to take down the Trump presidency – a political charade that was ultimately found baseless and unprecedented in U.S. history,” after three+ years of wasted government time and tens of millions of dollars. “It is no coincidence that the FBI unit leading today’s Mar-a-Lago ‘investigation’ also ran the Trump-Russia investigation, with the objective of demoralizing his supporters ahead of midterm elections, and unfortunate that the thousands of good FBI agents have been majorly tarnished by the cadre of corrupt deep state bureaucrats at the top.” [PATRIOT POST – 8/31/22]

“About as close as you’ll get to hear an angel sing.” https://biggeekdad.com/2018/06/once-upon-a-time/

“Adolescents and adults who use cannabis (regularly at least once a week) are no more likely than non-weed-smoking adults to be apathetic, lazy, or more vulnerable to impacts on motivation, experience of pleasure, or the brain’s response to reward,” according to a study of users/non-users by Cambridge & King’s College London researchers, published in the International Journal of Neurophsychopharmacology.

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For only the first in eight years, last week’s requested primetime ‘Address to the Nation’ of its President was declined for telecast by all major TV networks (CBS, NBC, ABC FOX), after each determined that the “vicious attack“on Republicans and Trump supporters by virtue of their public disagreement with current Administration policies was “too political, ahead of November mid-term elections.” The speech was available to MSNBC viewers, and also CNN which opted to soften the “eerie stark red backdrop, with Marines in uniform.”