• “GEN Z ARE PERHAPS THE GREATEST VICTIMS OF THE OVERARCHING BIGOTRY OF LOW EXPECTATIONS.” According to a study by Harvard University’s ‘Human Flourishing Program,’ 18- to 25-year-olds “feel they are worse off in every dimension of their well-being – happiness, health, meaning, character, relationships, financial stability… This and other studies indicate that this generation (1) have been inundated with a message of colorlessness & pointlessness from their schools, social media, and government, which (2) combined with absence of family life and participation in religious communities, (3) all contribute to their turning to crime, drug abuse and suicide… Young American Adults are miserable. It’s so obvious that even the Harvard Gazette is talking about it.” [PATRIOT POST – 9/22/22]
  •  ONLINE SCAMS TARGETING THE ELDERLY CONTINUE TO PROLIFERATE. Current pitches involve needing SSN to confirm stimulus/ lottery/ sweepstakes/ or other funds they have coming, free vacations, other seniors who want to connect (or date), discounted drugs or vitamins, prizes donated by celebrities, etc. To best protect family and any other seniors you care about: (1) Install antivirus on their devices; (2) Convince them to never click on unknown messages or suspicious links; (3) Monitor their social media messages, and any browser Alerts; (4) Help them choose well-thought-out password & login details; (5) Insist they keep private data private (phone, SSN, birthdate, bank accounts, etc.); (6) Insist they consult with you on large transactions. “Our elderly are some of the most precious people in our lives, and sadly some of the most vulnerable when it comes to online scams. Be patient and open up a clear line of communication in case they come across anything suspicious while online.”  [ iREVIEWS.COM – 2/8/22]
  • IN THIS ERA OF FEDERAL GOVERNMENT GRIDLOCK, where economic, technological and cultural influence is disconnected and spread across the country, “when it comes to policymaking capability and on-the-ground implementation, the largest states hold a decisive edge, including matters with direct impact on other states and globally.” However, with the evident likelihood for ongoing federal dysfunction – with power and egos influencing perspective – conflicts and tensions between local/ state/ federal powers will certainly increase in critical areas including immigration & border control/ taxation & wealth distribution/ vaccine & work restrictions/ sexualizing kids educational curriculum/ climate change regulations/ borrowing to fund other countries defense/ policing & protesting/ disruptions of the electoral process/ Wokeness, censorship and regulation of free speech. For the foreseeable future, ‘Politics’ will be getting far less comprehensible or sensible, and the only clearly evident factor is that ‘one- party’ control of decision process and execution (whether local, state, or national) has shown itself to be a dangerous mechanism. Voting irresponsibly is the principal risk to our entire society. [FOREIGN AFFAIRS – sept/ oct 2022]

When your focus on existence becomes about the things you own and the pleasure of the moment gets pre-empted by a phone,

     when you recognize your world of colors turning monotone, do you ponder the unknown?

When pattern keeps repeating and becomes your life routine so that everything seems yin or yang with nothing in between,

     when you recognize the world around you having turned obscene, are you following your dream?

When reading, art or music are pre-empted by remote control and the more you try to change your life, the deeper looks your hole,

     when you sense the way you’re headed doesn’t lead to any goal, do you wonder of your soul?

When your focus of attention is immediate in need and the cause of present tension stems from pursuing greed,

     when you recognize selfishness as the priority you heed, is it time to intercede?

When your focus on the HERE and NOW is all that you envision versus WHERE you wish to get to, and how every next decision

     almost certainly impacts your eventual position, is your path toward any mission?

Reality is just a collective hunch–not black or white, but gray.  It’s time to get a focus where you wish to be some day,

     or a time will come when you may find it impossible to say if you’ve ever found your way.                     DENNIS GRAY


Of the hundreds of billions of federal dollars legislated for pandemic relief and funded to state Unemployment Insurance programs, some $46 billion has so far been identified as stolen from fraudulent claims.  The DOL Inspector General just reported that over a thousand individuals and organized crime groups were able to obtain tens of thousands on each of multiple U.I. debit cards, enabled by “many states not prepared to process the extraordinary volume of claims, and internal controls not initially implemented.”

“We are now a revolutionary society in decline, using the courts, prosecutors, the administrative state, and the law itself to punish enemies, help friends, and declare such asymmetry “social justice.”  https://amgreatness.com/2022/09/18/equal-justice-they-said/