• WHEW!!! 2½ minute real-time video of Hurricane Ian in motion – https://video.twimg.com/ext_tw_video/1575665861914169344/pu/vid/1280×720/5uSklNuTfQDQec0y.mp4?tag=14
  • THE COVID FRAUD IS NOW ESTIMATED OVER $600 BILLION – AND POSSIBLY ON IT’S WAY OVER A TRILLION DOLLARS. Some 1,500 criminals have so far been indicted with a third convicted, but “it was the politicians of both parties who unleashed the reckless spending that left us with soaring national debt, roaring inflation, and a fading mirage of prosperity… Fraud permeated relief programs of practically every federal agency.”  A few: (1) PPP funds issued by SBA “effectively telling people to ‘Apply & Sign and tell us you’re really entitled to the money’ (according to DOJ Inspector General), camouflaging its ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ loan standard”;  (2) Child Nutrition, after the Dep’t of Agriculture issued waivers to ‘suspend all on-site monitoring of meal providers’; (3) Some politicians openly using Covid stimulus money to bribe voters – like the winning Senator whose fliers said ‘Want a $2000 check? Vote Warnock’; (4) and the single biggest fraud which itself could boost the loss to over a Trillion is now pending constitutionality in the Courts — $400 billion funded for Covid emergency to cancel college student loans… Politicians absolve themselves by uncorking geysers of tax dollars.”  [BROWNSTONE INSTITUTE – 10/23/22]
  • “FAILED CRUSADES ABROAD AND A MISGUIDED BELIEF that U.S. security depends on global hegemony have weakened, not strengthened, American society… with a dangerous gap  emerging between Washington’s global ambitions and ability to achieve them… The strategic challenge America faces globally today is not to win a decisive battle between freedom & tyranny, but to gain a breathing spell abroad that will allow the country to focus on desperately needed internal recovery… The ultimate strategic asset in the emerging multipolar order is not military or economic power, but the vitality of our society and democratic system, reduce U.S. vulnerability to foreign political submission, foster respect & and emulation in other nations, and ground foreign policies in confidence and resilience.” [QUINCY INSTITUTE – 9/1/22]
  • “BANNING & CENSORING OPINION AND FACTUAL INFORMATION under the false pretense of misinformation and disinformation that contradict Administration narrative and upset the supreme potentates of Google/ Facebook/ Amazon/ Twitter and other Big Tech companies, smacks of the heady days of the Soviet Union and today’s Communist China.” One of many federal lawsuits (led by a State) contends “vast censorship between the Administration and Big Tech, with former intelligence and national security officials arguing: (i) that centralized censorship is crucial to both protecting National Security and advancing foreign policy; (ii) that weaponized DOJ, FBI and IRS is crucial” to protecting against enemies of the people, irrespective of presumed targeting of political enemies.   [RED STATE – 10/24/22]

“Wharton is about to offer a Diversity major to prepare students for new realities of leadership.” [FORTUNE]

 Is the self-indulgence of so many self-absorbed millennials and Xgens “killing the innocence of childhood? A society that is shedding spouses, dissolving entire families on a whimsy of lust, pursuing bald ambition as if it were the true religion, leaving children to come home to empty houses, to fix their own meals and cope with the crippling insecurities of adolescence, while engaging in an endless chase after the grail of possessions, killing the innocence of childhood?”  [STEVE MARTINI – AUTHOR]

 “There’s massive disparity between market Value versus actual users for Virtual Real Estate and other blockchain-related assets, including cryptocurrencies and NFTs.” One environment (Decentraland) has a Market Cap exceeding $1.2 billion but only has a claimed 8,000 users a day, and only had 38 ‘active users’ over a 24-hour period.  [FUTURISM]