• KEY ELECTION TAKEAWAYS: (1) Election Day balloting has effectively become irrelevant, after state-by-state balloting & counting processes were radically changed – including ‘ranked’ & ‘majority-margin’ voting, early mail-in, and non-verified residency or citizenship requirements; (2) “Under-polled voters were seething upscale women and college students, not silent and wary Trump supporters leading a ‘Red Wave,’ as presented by biased media; (3) Voter decisions were based on polarized blocks of incompatible parties, causes & ideologies even more so than candidate personalities, after millions of conservatives fled from liberal states to Florida/ Texas/ Arizona; (4) Democrats voted straight for party candidates, despite the Biden Administration failures, unpopularity and clear cognitive inabilities to serve, and after hearing the President’s vicious attacks on Conservatives as un-American semi-fascists, along with reckless warnings of ‘Democracy’s Death’ from threat by Insurrectionists and pro-life fanatics;  (5) Give-away’ debt forgiveness’ worked on students & families with student loans – court-determined unconstitutional after their voting. The Country is gravitating into two antithetical nations.”  [VICTOR DAVIS HANSON 11/10/22] 
  • SO, WHAT’S LIKELY TO HAPPEN NEXT? Probably, “an even more contentious epoch in American government… If you thought the midterm was ugly, you ain’t seen nothing yet!”  (1) If GOP end up controlling the House, they’ll be launching investigations into the handling of Pandemic origins & response/ Afghanistan botched withdrawal/ politicization of Justice Dep’t & FBI/ border migrant crisis/ collusion with activist media/ and more. (2) Democrats, meanwhile, “will complain about the investigations regardless of whether they reveal damning information , and accuse Republicans of all types of malfeasance, with Big Tech companies parroting & censoring accordingly.” (3) The battles will focus on who will occupy the Oval Office in 2025, and particularly Donald Trump’s position/ potential/ preclusion. Rather than governing to resolve domestic and/or global crises, focus of both Parties will selfishly continue to be on protection of their power and funds, with less if any regard to plebian residents of the country, as the American capitalist ‘experiment’ continues a slide toward Socialism.  [RED STATE – 11/10/22]
  • A 1,000+ PAGE REPORT ON FBI and DOJ POLITICIZATION was released this week by the House of Representatives Judiciary Committee, based on whistleblowers’ Disclosures detailing “the D.C. hierarchy as ‘rotted at it ats core’ with a systemic & rampant culture of unaccountability, biased & weaponized against Conservatives and political opponents… Specifics included: (1) Artificial inflating & manipulating domestic violent extremism statistics to fit political narrative; (2) Using Counterterrorism resources to target parents resisting far-left educational curriculum; (3) Allowing attacks on pro-life facilities & churches; (4) Purging employees who refused to align with leadership’s political ideology; (5) Helping Big Tech to censor political speech and the Hunter Biden allegations; (6) Abusing its foreign surveillance authorities; (7) Stalking a Congressman on a family vacation to seize his personal cell phone.”
  • EXPECT OUR ENERGY CRISIS TO BE WORSENING, with increasing brown- and blackouts, forecast byb the U.S. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. “The immediate problem is simply not enough fuel, and therefore not enough electricity – since most power plants burn oil, coal or natural gas. Meanwhile, nuclear power plant construction is frozen, wind/ solar/ non-fossil fuel alternatives are sparse, and hydro-electric plants are suffering because of climate-change droughts… Soon fuel sources will come at a price so high that recession-hit governments will have trouble buying it, even if available… so the only tool at their immediate disposal is cutting consumption. This is the equivalent of zipping up the tent in a hurricane.”  [TIME – 11/21/22]

Pandemics are surprisingly common, and many far more dangerous than covid. Likelihood of future global outbreaks is below 1½% in any year, according to latest statistical analyses. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tMXjUWvJJto 

A recent American Time Use Survey which asked people to score their ‘Life Satisfaction’ on a 1 thru 10 scale found averages that: age 20 is the Pit of Uncertainty; ages 30 – 50 were consistently the Trough of Work & Responsibilities; age 70 is the Peak of Satisfaction; and age 75 was their Life Expectancy.  [FLOWINGDATA – 11/10/22]

Throuples Are so 2021; 2022 liberals now sport a 5-Member World of Sexual ‘Polycule’ : https://redstate.com/alexparker/2022/11/11/throuples-are-so-2021-welcome-to-the-five-member-world-of-a-sexual-polycule-n657845?utm_source=rsmorningbriefing&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=nl&bcid=be9796dd8b3cfc7f2a550c6bec436c84