• 2022 WAS A BIZARRE YEAR. AN AMAZING 7-MINUTE RECAP, if you still care: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PLDFgKzWy3o

• “IN ITS BID TO BEOME THE MOST POORLY RUN CITY ON THE WEST COAST, Los Angeles again extended its Renter Eviction Moratorium, this time because of seasonal flu. Residential renters still cannot be evicted for non-payment due to Covid-19 financial hardship, respiratory virus, flu, causing nuisances, or having unauthorized occupants or pets… The city continues to find new reasons to extend the moratorium and there is no reason to believe it will ever end.” LA leadership also epitomizes the absurdity of Wokeness, letting a “tiny but loud-mouthed group of publicity-seekers have the power to deprive the great majority of a positive experience… A few radicals harboring unfounded beliefs, the naïve and misdirected Animal Rights Movement, have caused the LA Zoo Pony Rides to cease operations, another diagnostic of an ill society.” But, at least, good news for birthday parties at the park: the Rule about “no balloons/ pinatas/ balls/ bounce house/ noisemakers, as they may startle the ponies” is no longer applicable. [WASHINGTON EXAMINER – 1/3 and LBN EXAMINER – 1/8/23]

• THE AVERAGE AMERICAN IS NOW MONITORED, TRACKED & SPIED UPON in more than twenty different ways, by just about every branch of government, through “mass surveillance fusion centers/ smart devices/ behavioral threat assessments/ terror watch lists/ facial recognition/ snitch tip lines/ biometric scanners/ DNA databases/ data mining/ precognitive technology/ and contact tracing apps… Surveillance cameras now blanket the country allowing governments and Big Tech corporate partners to identify and track anyone’s movement in real-time; Every GPS device and credit card, in physical and online realms, are tracked & shared with advertisers, including every move on social media; Vehicle license readers can photograph over 1,800 tag numbers per minute; U.S. Postal Service has been photographing every mail envelope for the last twenty years… Essentially, surveillance digital stalking and data mining – now weapons of compliance and control – haven’t made America any safer, much less preserved our constitutional freedoms.” [ZEROHEDGE – 12/24/22]

• “THINGS ARE ABOUT TO GET UGLIER” – Brilliant but sad perspective on what may be coming globally and why. [PETER ZEIHAN — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CxqoulPJlPc ]

• “MAINSTREAM MEDIA’S CONTEMPT FOR POLITICAL DELIBERATION” has never been more evident than this past week, when the struggle to elect a Speaker of the House of Representatives was repeatedly defined by media outlets as ‘chaotic’ and a ‘threat to democracy.’ Reality is that in the past five years, until last week, there have been zero Floor Amendment debates or votes allowed in the House; instead a frenetic process of last-minute laws passed – thousands of pages of ‘Omnibus’ legislation, including ‘earmarks’ (formerly called Pork) – drafted by Party leaders, for personal or their state benefit, then ‘released’ to elected Representatives in the middle of the night just days before micromanaged voting. “Apparently, deliberation & debate are signs of disorder and not desired in our society, by media members who have contempt for conservatives and remain blind to their own hypocrisy.” [AMERICAN SPECTATOR – 1/7/23]

Vocal Quartet Il Divo sings Amazing Grace in this stunning music video: https://biggeekdad.com/2010/12/amazing-grace-il-divo/

Legacy Media Propaganda update: Associated Press collected $8 million last year from “leftist-oriented groups in order to make ‘Climate Change Reports.’ AP assigned 24 journalists across the globe to cover climate ‘issues’ – effectively becoming a propaganda outlet for NY Times, Washington Post, and other mainstream media outlets, but completely ignoring scientific evidence. AP News Vice President claimed that money was accepted as Philanthropic-Funded News, without strings attached.”

“Having allowed debt to grow more rapidly than income for a half-century, with federal debt now projected to more than double national income in coming decades (by up to 400% when unfunded liabilities like social security are included), foreign creditors recognizing this unsustainability are already signally less willingness to hold U.S. debt, and use of the Dollar as World Reserve Currency is declining… The looming crisis is the most predictable Economic Crisis in U.S. history.” [HEARTLAND INSTITUTE]

“It’s hard to imagine a more stupid or more dangerous way of making decisions than by putting those decisions in the hands of people who pay no price for being wrong.” – THOMAS SOWELL