• LEADERS AND MANAGERS OFTEN STRUGGLE WITH THE DIFFERENCE AND IMPORTANCE OF STRATEGY VERSUS TACTICS, not recognizing that success in operations can only be measured as ‘effective’ when tactical steps achieve clear goals.  Definitive ‘Goals’ stem from vision of what Success looks like and achievement depends on Clarity of the vision. To avoid getting lost in unproductive tactical work, consider: (1) Do we have consensus among the team?  (2) Why are we doing this?  (3) What does ‘Success’ look like and will feel like?  (4) Are we contributing to the bigger picture?  (5) Have we considered potential or likely changes in our customer or economic environment?  “Not paying attention to Vision & Strategy can lead to meaningless unproductive busyness; not paying attention to tactics and effective management can create needless misunderstanding, conflicts and frustration that derail productivity, quench morale,” and fail to achieve Goals. DCG can help. [SMARTBRIEF – 1/6/23]
  • “THE COUP WE NEVER KNEW.” Who erased to U.S. border and enabled five million people to just enter the country then be provided with money & services? When did not having to pay back loans become law? Who decided that mobs would be allowed to burn property and injure others freely? When did FBI officials & agents get rights to subvert campaigns of a candidate, or it become legal for a presidential candidate to hire a foreign ex-spy to subvert her rival with fraudulent information and testimony? Who agreed that voters needn’t prove their authenticity, or that 70% needn’t show up to cast their ballots on election day? Who decided that appointed health ‘officials’ could simply cancel rental contracts, declare suspension of loan payments, or decide that mom/pop stores selling products during a quarantine was illegal – except for national chain stores?  “We are beginning to wake up from a nightmare to a country we no longer recognize… If conservative Americans continue to whine about freedoms denied, and ignore uncomfortable questions they either refuse to see or are afraid to ask, without uniting against the cancer of radical leftism, the country will be destroyed as we know it.”  [RED STATE – 1/8/23]
  • DESPITE AN INCREASING NUMBER OF MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS GREENLIGHTING ‘GENDER IDENTITY TRANSITION,’ “scientifically speaking, there is no brain, blood or other objective test that distinguishes a biologically ingrained trait… Research shows that where gender dysphoria has resolved, either spontaneously or with help of psychotherapy, upwards of 90% of children who express some form of gender dysphoria, at a variety of ages, ultimately grow out of it, accepting and embracing their biological sex as they become adults… The whole ‘trans rights’ lobby is grounded upon a false scientific claim, and has everything to do with creating a political movement in order to claim special social privileges, by gaining political power and influence.” [PATRIOT POST – 1/12/23]
  • GOOD NEWS FOR MOST: “Eating pasta is not bad for you, and in fact can be a healthy part of a balanced diet, as long as the meal includes vegetable sides. According to Australian University of Newcastle research, humans should aim to get roughly 45- 65% of energy from carbs, 20- 35% from fats, and 10- 30% from proteins – up to 6.5 times more carbs than protein daily. So, since the ratio in pasta equates to roughly a 5:1 ratio, it’s well within the acceptable macro-nutrient distribution range. Further, one cup of cooked pasta has about a quarter of daily recommended intakes for Vitamins B1 and B9, half the selenium, and 10% of iron.” Enjoy without guilt?   https://www.eatforhealth.gov.au/nutrient-reference-values/chronic-disease/macronutrient-balance

The U.S. Constitution ‘State Self-Defense Clause’ (Art 1.Sec 10) enables states to act independent of the federal government to “repel the invasion taking place across their borders by alien criminal trespassers, drug & sex traffickers, corporate spies, or foreign  convicted felons. That power authorizes states to employ ‘extraordinary powers of self-defense’ including build a border wall, raise an army to interdict unlawful crossings, arrest/ detain/ eject illegal entrants, even engage a war if in imminent Danger.” [TOWNHALL]

The financial loss from collapsed crypto exchange FTX, most of which went to crypto lenders, charitable organizations, political contributions and a Bahamian real estate empire, is now projected around $8 BILLION, which “will be difficult to claw back and recover.”  [TIME]

An old but astonishing card trick: https://biggeekdad.com/2016/08/amazing-card-trick/