• OUR WORLD AND SOCIETY ARE RAPIDLY TRANSFORMING FROM TECHNOLOGIES THAT MOST HAVE NO CLUE ABOUT. For a fascinating, jaw-dropping and important perspective on what’s soon ahead, view this amazing summary of emerging  & interfacing technologies including: Quantum Computing, AI, Machine Learning, Robotics, Materials Science, 3D Printing, Immersive Virtual Reality, 5G & 6G Telecommunications, Genome Editing, Personalized medicine, Nanotechnology, Renewable Energy, Sustainable Agriculture & Cultured Meat, Space Exploration & Colonization, Decentralized Finance, Hyperloop, Magnetic Levitation & Autonomous Vehicles, and more. They’re happening now!  30 minutes but worth it.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i4m098aRz9Q
  • OVER 500 ‘UNIDENTIFIED AERIAL PHENOMENA’ (USP) REPORTS HAVE BEEN FILED with multiple military and intelligence agencies over the past 80 years, all designated as Classified Information. A former intelligence officer with Nat’l Geospatial Agency and Nat’l Reconnaissance Office has now turned ‘whistleblower,’ alleging that the UAP Task Force (under DOD Dep’t of Navy) has “retrieved multiple nonhuman exotic origin technical vehicles – aka ‘spacecraft’ – that have either landed or crashed, being hidden from congressional/ academic/ public knowledge while being reverse-engineered to garner asymmetric national defense advantages in a terrestrial arms race… As far back as the Roswell Incident, DARPA purportedly recovered technology, then seeded out to major corporate firms enabling manufacture of integrated circuit chips, fiber optics, laser technology and super-tenacity fibers, hidden by a sophisticated disinformation campaign.” [EPOCH TIMES – 6/7/23]  
  • “GOVERNMENT RUN SOCIALISM AND COMMUNISM HAVE FAILED THROUGHOUT THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD, since leftists who believe in Marxist theory cannot argue the merits of their radical ideas. Instead, they attempt to destroy their opposition through character assassination and claiming too little government control, while Education and Healthcare industries, where government rules & regulations dominate, unsurprisingly are sectors in our society with the highest costs and lowest quality… Removing the incentive for people to work or invest removes the ability to prosper outside a system rigged for the powerful elites.” [WASHINGTON TIMES – 6/1/23]
  • THE LATEST ‘STYLE BOOK’ FOR JOURNALISTS, from Associated Press, includes guidance to “avoid terms or reference to: (1) either or opposite sexes/ genders/ male/ female, since ‘sex’ refers to biological characteristics, not all people fall under one of those two categories, and those terms are sometimes used by opponents of transgender rights; and (2) mutation, which is a subjective and politicized term often used to mischaracterize surgery… Since language only means what you want it to mean, controlling the language will control the masses. What’s biology or 5,000 years of Western Civilization against a journalism school mediocrity with a platform?”  [RED STATE – 6/7/23]

The last global GOLD RUSH happened just 4 decades ago in Brazil. Quite a story: https://biggeekdad.com/2023/05/hell-on-earth/

Racism, as defined by the Radicals, does not mean hatred toward a specific racial group. The Left has manipulated language and repackaged the term ‘racism’ to mean something else entirely – it now pertains to inequities that a minority racial group faces because of perceived oppression by the institutions, since those institutions are ‘controlled’ by the majority race. By switching the language, leftists have made it a tool of race-based Marxism in an attempt to undermine the fabric holding our country together.”

Word of the week: CASHTRATION – the act of buying a house, which renders the subject financially impotent for an indefinite period of time.