• EFFECTIVE LEADERSHIP INVOLVES BEING A GOOD JUGGLER between delivering successful outcomes while connecting with and motivating work teams – seldom inherent mutual human traits. Studies have shown that promotions to management are generally based on technical competence not personality, and that fewer than one-in-six have a chance at being seen as a great leader; when strengths are mostly on social skills, the chance is one-in-eight. “The process is adaptive because making effective decisions as a leader often involves detachment from the personal needs of workers and viewing them more as chess pieces.” Another critical factor is that leaders tend to become overly optimistic which “often leads to unrealistic targets and inflated expectations, causing a disconnect between them and their direct reports who are doing the heavy lifting, and resulting in more ‘vision-focus’ with less concern for detail.” DCG have decades of experience in coaching newly-appointed managers & execs. Call for courtesy consult.  [HARVARD BUSINESS REVIEW -7/25/23]
  • “OUR EVER-GROWING BLOATED BUREAUCRACY is now so deep & complex that it welds near-absolute authority over our lives, without any accountability. The greatest problem that administrative laws replacing general/ equal/ knowable laws with decrees by hundreds of thousands of government busybodies who think they know better, is effectively becoming a system of no laws at all”… Since four decades ago, when the Supreme Court deferred to government agencies to interpret government statutes (the Chevron case), and with president Biden’s Executive Order giving government agencies power to make regulatory changes without review or approval, the arrogance of ‘progressive experts’ who believe they can better manage the lives of citizens is displayed in every IRS bulletin, health care mandate, and EPA regulation. “While politicians look out for themselves and have lost touch with the issues that matter most to their constituents, what ever happened to government of the people, by the people, for the people?” [PATRIOT POST – 7/28/23]
  • “CLIMATE CHANGE IS REAL, but the impact of mankind’s existence, compared to the absolute power of nature/ location & output of the sun/ status of oceans & position of clouds/ and many other facts, makes that impact look negligible… Mainstream media is currently using their same fear-induction models created for Covid-19 – orange and red ‘tracking maps’ following big heat waves – to scare people that action is needed, blame ‘MAGA’ Republicans for the waves (most recently posted by Hillary Clinton), and blame global warming on Americans not the billions of other humans across the globe… The Church of Climate Change is a suicide cult based on half-truths or full-on lies versus any real science, effectively telling us that they can control the weather, and all we have to do is regulate businesses into obeying rules that would cripple and restrict them, while giving up on human advancements and regress to a time when humanity worked with lesser technology and fewer rights & freedoms, including not having so many children so that humanity can die off.”  [RED STATE – 7/26/23]



 “The Truth Will Set You Free, But First It Will Piss You Off!” – Gloria Steinem

 As of this week it’s illegal for companies to manufacture or stores to sell incandescent light bulbs. Back in 2007, the Clean Energy Act included this prohibition to “improve energy efficiency,” but after 15 years of political haggling, the law became effective August 1. LED bulbs cost roughly 2½ times more than incandescent, but purportedly last longer and could/should result in long-term savings to consumers. Whether brighter lights are better/worse for eyes is undetermined.

       The newest meaningless marketing term used to dupe people who know very little about nutrition but who ‘kinda-sorta’ want to eat better is about things that are ‘plant based.’ Those items  include sugar/ vegetable oils/ flour/ kid cereals/ cocaine/ heroin/ Jack Daniels…  And a recent study has found that women who carry a little extra weight live longer than the men who mention it…