• “THE HISTORY OF GOVERNMENT IS THE STORY OF BUREAUCRACY. The Internal Revenue Service is a clogged artery in the beating heart of bureaucracy – processing 150 million business & personal returns every tax season, but with a current backlog of 10.5 million plus some five million pieces of taxpayer correspondence. Despite major increases in funding from Congress, customer service calls are answered by humans less than 13% of the time and by ‘automated assistance’ around 8%, refunds are delayed by more than six months, and hundreds of thousands of Employee Retention Tax Credits delayed, while 13 recommendations from  Gov’t Office of Accountability and Treasury Dep’t for improving  processing and customer service have been ignored… While we are now in the early stages of a new chapter in the story of bureaucracy – Digitization – the IRS is not just failing to keep up, it is actively falling behind… While our social and economic lives are digitized, government is where the unstoppable force of technological development meets that immovable object: the bureaucrat with a job for life.”  [WASHINGTON EXAMINER – 9/12/23]
  • REPORTS BY BOTH MICROSOFT AND META NOW DOCUMENT “SPAMOUFLAGE – the largest known covert influence operating in the world, engaged in spreading pro-Chinese communist and anti-U.S. propaganda, leveraging AI-generated visual media to denigrate U.S. political figures & symbols by focusing on politically divisive topics including race and social justice issues, active on over 50 platforms including Twitter/ YouTube/ TikTok/ Reddit/ Pinterest/ Medium/ Quora/ Vimeo… Ahead of the 2022 midterm elections, CCP-affiliated social media accounts impersonated voters, posing as Americans across the political spectrum, responding to comments from authentic users, including images supporting BLM, the false claim that most black people are killed by police, and were supported by 230 online influencers… Spamouflage also manufactured & distributed conspiracy theories intended to undermine confidence in the rules-based international order, including that the U.S. started COVID-19 by shipping contaminated seafood to China, bombed the NordStream natural gas pipelines, and committed genocide… By framing how Americans discuss the issues of the times and polarizing to the extent of being unable to work with one another, the CCP objective is to ensure that the U.S. is incapable of meeting a crisis.” [EPOCH TIMES – 9/7/23]
  • OUR CARS ARE DATA COLLECTION MACHINES ON WHEELS, AND EFFECTIVELY A SPY.Every major car brand’s new internet-connected models flunked privacy and security tests conducted by Mozilla, on vehicles made in the last few years –personal information as sensitive as your race, weight, and sexual activity. The nonprofit found that every major car brand fails to adhere to the most basic privacy and security standards in new internet-connected models, and all 25 of the brands Mozilla examined flunked the organization’s test, including BMW/ Ford/ Toyota/ Tesla/ Subaru, all of which collect data about drivers including race, facial expressions, weight, health information, and some of the cars tested collected data about sexual activity, race, and immigration status.”  [SECURE THE VILLAGE – 9/10/23]
  • LATEST LOOMING NATIONAL CRISIS IS GROUNDWATER, which produces around half of all drinking water and 40% of global irrigation, and for over twenty years has been pumped faster than earth can naturally replenish it. Some 169 miles of ‘fissures’ are splitting the ground in California, Arizona & Utah, with giant cracks that can damage homes/ roads/ canals/ dams/ and threaten property values, livestock and humans – since aquifers supply about 90% of U.S. water systems.  [BUSINESS INSIDER – 9/10/23]
  • THOUGHTS FOR THE WEEK:  Amazingly clever example of the problem in educating children in today’s political environment: must 2 + 2 =4 ? https://biggeekdad.com/2018/06/alternative-math/

Stanford now has more than 10,000 administrators who oversee the 7,761 undergraduate and 9,565 graduate students – one for every 1-3/4 students. The number of non-faculty staff employed by elite institutions such as Princeton and MIT is also commensurate, if not slightly greater, than their undergraduate populations.”  [DATA EXAMINER]

Corporate ‘Diversity’ experts and efforts have backfired. “Elitism is to blame, since efforts almost inevitably privilege the most dominant cultural cantons” – like the 200 Elite colleges & universities (of some 4,000 nationwide) subject to the recent Supreme Court ruling ending Affirmative Action. Reality is that “rather than striving for Equity, DEI efforts are almost entirely focused on helping folks become members of the elite.” [THE SPECTATOR]

“The planet has been here 4 ½ billion years, humans maybe 200,000. And we’ve only been engaged in heavy industry a little over 200 years – 200 versus 4 ½ billion. And we have the conceit to think that somehow we’re a threat? The planet isn’t going away, we are.”