• MOST EXECUTIVES HAVE REACHED THEIR POSITION by having accurate-enough awareness of business realities and realistic alternatives, then making & implementing decisive actions in an effective manner. But everyone has blind spots, and many who manage others lack self-awareness. “Relationships are better understood, and ideally improved, when we know our effect on others,” and trusted feedback is generally a critical factor in gaining that awareness. DCG have decades of experience in Executive Coaching, including collection  of insights from employees and others who interface with business leaders & managers. “Coaching can be that process of self-discovery that opens the door for greater possibilities for your organization, colleagues and yourself.” Call Dennis for courtesy consultation in this area.
  • A.I. GIRLFRIENDS ARE SURGING IN POPULARITY. “The appetite for virtual intimacy is now growing among the more than 60% of young men who are currently single, lonely, and digital natives – never having known a world without instantly accessible wi-fi, smartphones, social media, and online gaming – who find happiness with artificial girlfriends.”  Latest research at Ohio State University found that lonely fans of TV series, “starved of actual human interaction, tended to process their favorite fictional characters in the same way they would process faces of real-life friends… Rapid advances in AI now provide what are effectively sedatives (beyond physical features, from piercings to tattoos, ethnicity & personality traits) designed to keep users numb, dumb and completely hooked… Imagine a whole generation of young men, many of whom have never been on an actual date, falling for an AI Girlfriend and never looking back.”  [EPOCH TIMES – 10/6/23]
  • “THE CONTROL BY PUBLIC UNIONS OVER GOVERNMENT OPERATIONS is a scandal in plain sight. With $5 billion annually in dues from some seven million members, most spent on direct or indirect political activity, unions more or less own the Democratic Party… But most egregious is the Collective Bargaining Agreement system which is designed to waste money and be ineffective… In California, over 3,600 public employees received over $100K in overtime pay last year.  In Los Angeles alone, contract scams include: (1) Overtime pay for the entire day if one hour of OT is worked, and OT for a regular workday if the employee deems an earlier day that week as sick or vacation; (2) A ‘Constant Staffing’ model mandating OT at all hours, whether or not needed, whenever someone is sick/ on vacation/ or doing mandatory training; (3) Last year, OT for a fire captain was $510K, and for a Water & Power ‘Trouble Dispatcher’ was $357K… Gaming the system is considered an Entitlement by public unions, which have turned the political process of democracy into a kleptocracy, with no public purpose served by near zero accountability – a scandal in plain sight.”   https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/opinion/new-nobility-breaking-unions-death-grip-democracy
  • JUST AS WITH SURVEY AND POLLING STATISTICS, when scientific studies “are almost always ‘right’ in confirming their start-point hypotheses, it’s not a sign of genius as much a disturbing hint that something is wrong with the studies.”  Latest research attempting to replicate prior psychological studies results have now “called several psychological ‘Truths’ into question, after finding less than six in ten failed to support the hypotheses – instead suggesting that most of the documentation we have on psychotherapy is highly distorted… Problems with quality of research also affect other disciplines including cancer research, economics, and fields such as physics, biology & medicine.  https://sciencenorway.no/psychology-society-and-culture/something-is-wrong-with-psychological-research/2257776

“What to expect in Israel: the usual Hamas/terrorist selling and/or execution of Israeli hostages, and use as ‘human shields’ in Gaza, the bargaining/sale of the remains of Israeli dead, occasional killings inside Israel by Arabs who falsely believe there will be a winning Middle East-wide existential war against Israel. And finally, a devastating Israeli counter-response that will eventually earn a U.S. rebuke.” A reality-based analysis of what happened and is happeninghttps://twitter.com/VDHanson/status/1710741034320417027

Conundrums of creeping socialism in America:  We’re capitalist and greedy – yet half of the population is subsidized //  Half the population is subsidized – yet think they are victims //  They have security, assets and freedoms that people in other countries only dream about – yet claim they want America to be more like those other countries // U.S. public education system ‘graduates’ rank below all other western countries in reading & math skills, but Entitlement as expectations.

The real motive for ‘January 6’ riots has been eclipsed and distorted by politics:  https://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2023/10/the_real_motive_for_jan_6.html