• OPTIMIZING BUSINESS PRODUCTIVITY, PROFITABILITY AND STABILITY always requires emphasis on clarity and consensus among leaders and decision-makers in prioritizing strategic Goals & Objectives – i.e. where to get and what is required to get there – before implementing the Tactics for achievement. An appropriate acronym is S.M.A.R.T: Specific / Measurable/ Achievable (realistic with reference to resources & circumstances)/ Relevant (to the fundamental purpose)/ and Targeted to both short and long-term intentions.  DCG provides courtesy guidance in Strategic Planning.
  • OF THE NEARLY $5 TRILLION IN COVID-PANDEMIC RELIEF, up to $240 Billion is now projected as having been fraudulently disbursed to large-scale organized crime rings, including entities in China, Russia and other adversarial nations; the GAO estimates approximately one in every seven dollars of Unemployment Assistance alone. How did this fraud happen? “Despite multiple laws & regulations requiring federal workers to take measures to prevent tax dollars from going to ineligible recipients, a combination of antiquated data & information systems, with inadequate oversight & internal controls by federal program managers who instead focused almost entirely on getting benefits processed.” What a surprise. [EPOCH TIMES – 10/19/23]
  • NOTWITHSTANDING THE SKIPTICISIM THAT SHOULD CONFRONT EVERY POLITICAL POLL, over 2,000 registered voters were surveyed last month with results claiming that: (1) Of those who plan on voting Democrat, 47% believe government should “regulate or restrict expression of views considered discriminating or offensive, to protect the ‘feelings’ and safety of marginalized groups, with 75%  supporting government censoring of ‘hateful content’ on social media”;  (2) Of those who say they’re voting Republican, 35% agreed with speech regulation, and 25% with the specific sentiment about protecting ‘feelings.’ Apart from the question of what/which ‘government’ would make those determinations, our education system is “dumbing down students, and teach nothing about the Nation’s founding documents & principles, like freedom of speech.” Astonishing!   [RED STATE – 10/18/23]
  • LATEST IN THE LEFT-WING MEDIA ‘SYSTEMIC RACISM’ PITCH is Los Angeles Times contention that Racist Birds populate the county’s “more affluent neighborhoods, mainly non-white and overly-educated, which often have more bird biodiversity.”  [WASHINGTON EXAMINER – 10/24/23]

An interesting look at what a dog’s sleeping position reveals about their personality, health and character.  https://biggeekdad.com/2023/09/what-your-dogs-sleeping-position-reveals/

 How Hackable Are You? Test your own personal cybersecurity with a quick five-question quiz. If your score scares you, call Dennis, who serves on the Board of Secure The Village, for courtesy consult. https://securethevillage.org/how-hackable-are-you

Where we are today is a tremendous and existential struggle between the people and the deep state. Get that and you understand most every headline in the American press today!  The administrative state that has long run Washington, D.C. has two main branches, the old civilian bureaucracy that presumes as a matter of course that IT is really in charge of the country, plus a deeper layer of the intelligence community that knows for sure that IT is the real power running the nation.  They have both lived in the shadows for a very long time without members of the general public discovering they together are the fourth and most important branch of government; that they – not the executive or elected politicians – run things no matter what.  The pandemic response is what finally exposed the administrative state to the general public, and gave rise to today’s movement determined to stop this robbery of the American idea.  https://www.theepochtimes.com/opinion/why-they-fear-jim-jordan-as-house-speaker-5513984      

Common Sense Is Not So Common!  https://youtube.com/shorts/c_LEgtNQRPM?si=9x61ilxl6lCXC6zi