• CYBERSECURITY UPDATE: Since ChatGPT and other generative Artificial Intelligence programs have launched, malicious phishing emails have increased by more than 1,200% and text messages by nearly 30% in the past year.  I. leveraging tools now help write “sophisticated, targeted Business Compromise and other phishing messages across email, mobile and browser channels, underscoring the urgency for organizations to adopt comprehensive protective measures to counter the proliferation of AI-fueled cyber threats.”  DCG can help in this strategic planning priority.   [INFOSECURITY-MAGAZINE – 10/30/23]
  •  LEARNING TO LISTEN, THINKING RATIONALLY, applying common sense, and focusing on language which just makes any story sound too simple are the most critical skills in determining whether someone is being truthful. Large studies and research have shown that: (1) Three of every four people tell two ‘lies’ of some kind every day; Only 1% almost never lie; (2) Nervous movements are not necessarily an indicator, because they actually decrease when people are so anxious about being caught lying they’ll focus on remaining calm; and (3) There are no reliable physical signs of lying (even polygraph effectiveness is only around 70%), therefore no sure way to tell if someone is lying. [SCIENCENORWAY.NO -10/28/23]
  • BUSINESS CLIENTELE NOTES: —–Effective 2024, the federal Corporate Transparency Act is Congress attempt to curb money laundering, terrorism and more criminal activities. The law applies to most U.S. corporation/ partnership/ LLC businesses, investment groups, and foreign entities registered to do business in the U.S., excepting those already registered with SEC/ regulated financial service agencies/ reporting over $5M reported tax gross receipts. Otherwise, a Disclosure Report is required with the entity’s beneficial owners’ names/ Tax ID’s/ address, etc., by 1/1/25 and a new filing when equity changes.   —–The Federal Trade commission now considers many of current Marketing practices to be “unfair and deceptive bait-and-switch” tactics – like service fees for event tickets/ restaurants/ car rentals/ on-line classes/ bank accounts/ credit cards.  Latest proposed FTC rules would ban hidden fees in pricing by requiring disclosure of Total Maximum Price, plus any mandatory ancillary charges necessary (excluding shipping and taxes), and displayed more prominently than any other info relating to price.
  •  THOUGHTS FOR THE WEEK:   WHY immigrants come to America:– see attached doc

As more and more businesses are ending Remote policies and requiring in-office workers, be aware that Workplace bacteria contaminates 92% of Office phones and 400 times more on a typical desk than on an average toilet seat, contributing to as many as six days yearly missed due to illness.  Infected co-workers spread viruses to 50% of workplace surfaces within four hours of arriving at work by touching doorknobs/ elevator & vending machine buttons/ breakroom coffee pots, microwaves, refrigerators. Research finds that handwashing with disinfectant soap can reduce infection risk up to 77%.  [WEB MD]

 The most intelligent and articulate analysis of what’s happening in the world today, likely direction, WW3 risk, etc. from Victor Davis Hanson:  https://www.theepochtimes.com/epochtv/victor-davis-hanson-the-real-story-behind-the-hamas-terror-attack-on-israel-5521108    “Human beings naturally empathize with those who are like ourselves, and tend to divide the events around us into those who do things versus those to whom things are done.  For this reason, empathy is a poor moral guide, being arbitrary and innumerate.” An excellent article on why so many today are struggling to empathize with victims of the middle east messhttps://www.washingtonexaminer.com/opinion/columnists/why-so-many-struggle-to-empathize-with-israel

 With the U.S. economy and money-supply levels at their most overinflated levels in history, what are the scenarios for what happens next?  A mostly comprehensible analysis: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qn9YkwX0Hew