• MEGA MILLIONS OF AIR TRAVELLERS THIS THANKSGIVING WEEK WILL SET A RECORD. Beware of the ‘Booster Bag’ theft scam: https://biggeekdad.com/2012/10/the-booster-bag-scam/
  • IN THIS AGE OF ABSENCE IN PRIORITIZATION on crime prevention or corruption of Officials, increasing taxation with wasteful spending on needless wars, and looming recession without realistic expectation for limiting inflation, “interest owed annually on the nation’s debt now exceeds $1 trillion, absorbing over 40% of all revenue collected… Beyond the lunacy of now having incurred an unsustainable $32 trillion in overspending, Janet Yellen (former head of the Federal Reserve, now Sec’y of Treasury) will go down as one of the greatest boneheads in financial history. While every sentient homeowner in the country was refinancing long-term debt with mortgages at 3%, she failed to refinance hardly any of U.S. accumulated deficits when rates hovered above zero… Advocates of government intervention believe that with enough manipulation of money, credit and stimulative fiscal policy, the business cycle/credit cycle can be modulated, as bureaucrats & officials have come to believe they can ‘fine tune’ the economy… History is yet to decide but it is clear recent politics favors inflationary outcomes.”  [PRICKLY PEAR – [11/17/23]
  • GENERATIVE A.I. MAY CONTRIBUTE UP TO 90% OF ONLINE CONTENT NEXT YEAR. Now utilizable to produce images and content in seconds – with over 3,000 books on Amazon already naming ChatGPT as author or co-author, and songs being created in the style of singers dead or alive – it’s past the point of no return. “Like arrival of the internet, which led to an explosion of ‘user-generated content’ being posted to social media & YouTube, generative A.I. will contribute to reams of videos and other materials, as storytelling becomes more personalized and interactive.” [ECONOMIST – WORLD AHEAD IN 2024]  Cambridge Dictionary Word of the Year is ‘hallucinate,’ defined as implying an “agent experiencing a disconnect with reality – including A.I. which can produce false info. The more original one asks A.I. to be, the likelier it is to go astray.” [BBC NEWS]
  • MOREOVER, “THE DIGITAL REALM IS NO LONGER CONFINED TO SCREENS. A paradigm shift in how we interact with the world around us is underway – merging tactile satisfaction of the physical with limitless possibilities of the digital, where users can move seamlessly between online and offline worlds. ‘Phygital Convergence’ represents a new frontier in retail, technology and other sectors, where businesses & educational systems will be offering an enhanced user experience that integrates the best of both worlds, via enriched experiences that leverage data, artificial intelligence and immersive technologies to redefine our perception of realities.” https://futuristspeaker.com/technology-trends/phygital-convergence-where-the-digital-and-physical-worlds-converge/

People who consistently blame others when anything goes wrong are actually just bad listeners who discharge anger in an inverse relationship to real accountability. A quick, interesting video: https://biggeekdad.com/2015/07/the-blame-game/ 

Odds & Ends:  (1) The CO2 and equivalent emissions from either 4.6 coal-fired power plants or from 2.1 million homes, is exceeded by just a dozen of the world’s wealthiest billionaires, from their mansions/ superyachts/ private jets & helicopters/ along with personal investments in pollution-generating corps which emit a million times more carbon than the average person. [GUARDIAN]  (2)  Life Expectancy of men has declined to 73.2 years compared to 79.1 for women – widest between the genders in 2 ½ decades and far behind countries including Japan/Korea/Portugal/Italy/UK who all exceed 80. The gap is attributed to U.S. men’s use of opioids, mental health (suicide), and chronic metabolic disease, with an even greater disparity between sexes for African American men of nearly two years. [STATNEWS]

 HAMAS child indoctrination is barbaric, disgusting & pathetic, with “lower than animal consciousness.” A profound U.N. speech by the son of HAMAS founder: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=foytabrYUtc